Why is Jimi All Is By My Side rated R?

Why is Jimi All Is By My Side rated R?

Jimi: All Is By My Side is rated R by the MPAA for language including sexual references, and some drug content.

Did they make a movie about Jimi Hendrix?

Jimi: All Is by My Side is a 2013 internationally co-produced biographical drama film about Jimi Hendrix, written and directed by John Ridley.

Who was Jimi Hendrix girlfriend?

Monika Charlotte Dannemann (24 June 1945 – 5 April 1996) was a German figure skater and painter. She was the last girlfriend of guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and later the wife of German guitarist Uli Jon Roth of the Scorpions….Monika Dannemann.

Personal information
Spouse(s) Uli Jon Roth

Did Andre 3000 play Jimi Hendrix?

That’s what writer and directer John Ridley was forced to do with his new film “Jimi: All Is by My Side,” which stars André Benjamin — better known as André 3000, the quirkier half of the hip-hop duo Outkast, as Hendrix.

Where can I watch Jimi Hendrix all is by my side?

Watch Jimi: All is by my Side | Prime Video.

Did Andre 3000 play the guitar?

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the actor and Outkast rapper – real name André Benjamin – revealed one of the troubles he needed to overcome was learning how to play guitar with his left hand. “Guitar training was strenuous because I’m a right-handed guitar-player,” said Benjamin. “Left-handed is completely opposite.

Why did Monika Dannemann commit suicide?

When Monika Dannemann died of carbon monoxide poisoning two days after losing a court case, most press reports concluded that her death brought to an end a 26-year catfight over Jimmy Hendrix between two of his former girlfriends.

Was Jimi murdered?

September 18, 1970
Jimi Hendrix/Date of death

Can Outkast play instruments?

The Outkast rapper has been spotted playing the instrument publically in Philadelphia “at least a dozen times.” It’s not the comeback Outkast fans were hoping for, but André 3000 has made a return to music. The legendary rapper was first spotted playing the flute in an airport on June 7.