Why do the prisoners throw stones at Don Quixote?

Why do the prisoners throw stones at Don Quixote?

The escapees refuse to honor Don Quixote’s orders to go to Toboso to visit Dulcinea del Tobosco, then they throw stones at him when he gets angry.

What does Don Quixote use as a golden helmet?

Don Quixote’s diseased imagination makes him mistake another household object—a barber’s basin—for a helmet. As the book tells us, Don Quixote sees a barber riding toward him and “[takes] the barber for a knight, and his brass basin for a golden helmet” (1.3. 7.2).

Why did Don Quixote go insane?

Don Quixote is mad. “His brain’s dried up” due to his reading, and he is unable to separate reality from fiction, a trait that was appreciated at the time as funny.

What happened to Sancho’s donkey?

Don Quixote likes the area they are in, for it promises adventure. He remembers stories about knights traveling in wild places like this. Sancho is forced to carry their provisions and go on foot now that he has lost his donkey. He shoves food into his mouth as he walks and wants no more adventure.

What problem does Sancho have when Don Quixote asks to be guided to Dulcinea home in El Toboso?

Sancho panics because he has never seen Dulcinea and fears he will be attacked if people see him wandering around the town looking for women.

How did Don Quixote receive the knighthood?

Don Quixote, riled and invoking Dulcinea’s name, knocks one guest unconscious and smashes the skull of another. Alarmed, the innkeeper quickly performs a bizarre knighting ceremony and sends Don Quixote on his way. Don Quixote begs the favor of the two prostitutes, thanks the innkeeper for knighting him, and leaves.

Who is Don Quixote’s partner?

Sancho Panza
Don Quixote’s sidekick is his squire Sancho Panza. Sancho Panza is a short, pot-bellied peasant whose appetite, common sense, and vulgar wit serve as a foil to the idealism of his master.

What happens to Don Quixote’s first helmet?

Don Quixote explains that the enchanted helmet must have fallen into the hands of someone who did not know its value and then melted it down, making it into a basin.

Does Don Quixote become sane?

Near the end of the novel, he spends an entire chapter describing to Sancho what their shepherd life will be like—essentially planning out a new form of madness—and seems to be completely sane. When he finally dies, it is as his real self, Alonso Quixano.

Did Don Quixote go jail?

Captured by the Turks in 1575, Cervantes spent five years in prison. before he was ransomed and returned home. After less successful earlier efforts, Cervantes finally achieved literary success in his later years, publishing the first part of Don Quixote in 1605. He died in 1616.

How did don describe the windmills?

Don Quixote thought the windmills were giants. He thought so because his head was full of magic and adventures. 2. Don Quixote explains to Sancho that the windmills were really giants; he says that they were changed into windmills by magic.