Why did the Hmong people go to Minnesota?

Why did the Hmong people go to Minnesota?

The Hmong — a distinct ethnic group with ancient roots in China—began coming to Minnesota in 1975 as refugees from the destructive wars that had ravaged their homelands in Laos. Today, there are more than 66,000 Hmong in Minnesota, and the Twin Cities metro is home to the largest concentration of Hmong in America.

Why did so many Hmong move to Minnesota in 1996?

The Hmong, who were refugees, settled in Minnesota due to the actions of voluntary agencies (VOLAGS). Minnesota had many active VOLAGS who helped Hmong people when they arrived. Paul area was expected to receive Hmong refugees from Wat Tham Krabok in Thailand.

What happened to the Hmong people in 1975?

1975 After the fall of Laos to Communist forces, Hmong are forced to flee into neighboring Thailand, where they lived in refugee camps, some of them for many years. Several non-profit organizations are established to help the refugees adjust to their new life in the United States.

Where do most Hmong live in Minnesota?

Most of Minnesota’s Hmong population resides in the metro area (about 65,000); the second-largest metro concentration of Hmong people is in Fresno, Calif., with about 32,000. Within the Twin Cities, St. Paul has the largest population by far with nearly 30,000 Hmong.

Which side did the Hmong fight for in the Vietnam War?

Opium was their only cash crop. In the late 1960s, when the Vietnam War spread into Laos, the United States recruited the Hmong to fight against communism. Wanting to hold on to their land and the independence they had maintained for thousands of years, the Hmong saw communism as a threat to their autonomy.

Who were the Hmong fighting against in the secret wars?

“The Secret War” General Vang Pao led the CIA’s “Secret War” in Laos. In the early 1960s, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Special Activities Division began to recruit, train and lead the indigenous Hmong people in Laos to fight against North Vietnamese Army intruders into Laos during the Vietnam War.

How many Hmong speakers are there?

Hmong language

Hmong / Miao
Native to China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
Ethnicity Hmong
Native speakers (3.7 million cited 1995–2009) not counting Vietnam
Language family Hmong–Mien Hmongic West Hmongic Chuanqiandian cluster Hmong / Miao