Who was the designer of the Indien Panzer tank?

Who was the designer of the Indien Panzer tank?

The Indien Panzer (Indian Tank), also known as B-PS 102, was a tank designed by the German firm Porsche KG in the early 1950’s in which the Indian Army showed interest. The Indian Army was looking for a tank to equip its army with, but also wanted to be able to produce it in India, so an easy to build design was necessary.

What kind of damage does an Indien Panzer do?

In comparison to the other tier 8 medium tanks, the Indien-Panzer boasts a decent penetration AP round at 212 pen, good APCR at 259 and great HE at 90, and alpha damage of 250/250/330 hitpoints. Its engine has a very low chance of catching on fire, unlike Maybach gasoline engines, a common choice in German vehicles.

What’s the difference between a panther and an Indien Panzer?

The Indien-Panzer is very similar, yet quite different from the alternate tier 8 German medium tank, the Panther II. Unlike the Indien-Panzer, the Panther II offers an Tier IX 8,8 cm gun, boasting high penetration and extreme accuracy.

What kind of tank is the Indien Projekt?

B, a 36-tonne turreted tank, armed with a 55 mm quick-firing gun, and a crew of 3. – B-PS 102, a 39.5-tonne turreted tank, armed with a 90 mm gun, and a crew of 4. In 1954, the Indian government showed interest in the B-PS 102, which became known as the Indien-Projekt, or Indien Panzer.

What kind of gun does the Indien Panzer have?

Freshly purchased and stock, the Indien-Panzer mounts the extremely inadequate 88mm L/56 gun, so a fast upgrade is a must. The Indien-Panzer is not as fast as the Panther II but has superior track and turret traverse speed and, like the Panther, excels at the sniping role, taking down enemies from afar with superb accuracy.

Which is better the Indien Panzer or the Panther II?

Though the Indien-Panzer has a weaker engine than the Panther II, it sports much less weight thus producing higher mobility. In addition, the Indien has much higher track traverse speed, which makes it handle much better than the Panther.