Who voiced Mickey Mouse the longest?

Who voiced Mickey Mouse the longest?

Wayne Anthony Allwine
Wayne Anthony Allwine (February 7, 1947 – May 18, 2009) was an American voice actor, sound effects editor and foley artist for The Walt Disney Company. He is best remembered as the 3rd official voice of Mickey Mouse. He is the longest tenured actor to voice the character, having held the role for 32 years.

Who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse was voiced by just three voice actors between 1929 and 2009. Walt Disney lent his voice to Mickey beginning in 1929. Jimmy MacDonald took over in 1946. Wayne Allwine voiced Mickey beginning in 1983 and continued for the next 32 years, until his death in 2009.

Who was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years?

Wayne Allwine
LOS ANGELES – Wayne Allwine, the actor who voiced Mickey Mouse for more than 30 years, has died. The Walt Disney Co. says Allwine died Monday of complications from diabetes.

Did the voice of Mickey Mouse and the voice of Minnie Mouse got married?

Although it was kept a secret for nearly a decade, Mickey’s voice from 1977 to 2009, Wayne Allwine, was actually married to Minnie’s voice from 1986 to 2019, Russi Taylor. “When we got married, we kind of kept it quiet, because everybody was saying, ‘Oh, Mickey and Minnie got married,’” Allwine recalled.

What was Mickey’s first words?

Hot Dogs
In 1929, America saw the release of a short animated film, ‘The Karnival Kid’, directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was the ninth film in the Mickey Mouse Series but more importantly, was the first film in which Mickey Mouse said his first words – ‘Hot Dogs’!

Why did Walt stop voicing Mickey?

Due to commitments with other Disney projects, Walt Disney stopped making Mickey Mouse shorts following Disney’s The Simple Things in 1953. This would prove to be his last ever Mickey Mouse short, following his death to cancer in 1966.

Who did Walt Disney voice?

Walt Disney is a voice actor known for voicing Mickey Mouse.

Who plays the voice of Minnie Mouse?

Russi TaylorMickey Mouse Clubhouse
Marjorie RalstonKaitlyn RobrockMickey Mouse Funhouse
Minnie Mouse/Voiced by

Every since Russi Taylor passed away in July 2019, Disney fans have wondered who would take over the role as the voice of Minnie Mouse. The wait is over and Kaitlyn Robrock has taken on that role.