Who produced Bobby Valentino?

Who produced Bobby Valentino?

In September 2017, Bobby V signed a new label deal with SoNo Recording Group distributed by Universal Music Group. The label reunites him with record producer and A&R man Tim Kelley, who co-produced his 2005 debut, Disturbing Tha Peace Presents Bobby Valentino.

Who produced Bobby Valentino slow down?

Slow Down (Bobby Valentino song)

“Slow Down”
Songwriter(s) Tim Kelley Bob Robinson Bobby Wilson Hans Zimmer
Producer(s) Tim & Bob
Bobby Valentino singles chronology
“Slow Down” (2005) “Tell Me” (2005)

When did tell me by Bobby Valentino come out?

Tell Me/Released

What year did Bobby Valentino come out with slow down?

Slow Down/Released

Who is the model in Bobby Valentino slow down video?

Juliet Ibrahim nears her Hollywood dream as she stars in Bobby Valentino’s music video.

How tall is Bobby Valentino in feet?

1.61 m
Bobby V/Height

How old is Lyfe Jenning?

43 years (3 June 1978)
Lyfe Jennings/Age

Who are the producers of special occasion Bobby Valentino?

Special Occasion is the second studio album from R&B singer Bobby Valentino. Valentino co-wrote over three quarters of the album, which also features songwriting and production from Tim & Bob, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Timbaland, Sean Garrett, Don Vito, Bryan-Michael Cox and Dre & Vidal.

Who is the writer of the song Anonymous by Bobby Valentino?

” Anonymous ” is the second single from Bobby Valentino ‘s second studio album, Special Occasion. The song features and was produced by Timbaland . The song was written by Ezekiel “Zeke” Lewis, Balewa Muhammad, Candice Nelson, and Patrick “J. Que” Smith of the popular songwriting/production team The Clutch.

Who is the girl in the Bobby Valentino video?

The music video (directed by Bernard Gourley) includes Steph Jones from the Disturbing Tha Peace family and model Nazanin Mandi as Valentino’s love interest. However, Timbaland does not appear in the video, while his verse remains.

What’s the name of Bobby V’s song anonymous?

Your name, Your name, why you gotta be anonymous? Your name, your name, why you gotta be anonymous? Come fast girl I’m in a rush, Why you gotta be anonymous? Your name, your name, why you gotta be anonymous? What’s your name? (Anonymous) Where you at? (Anonymous) So where you at love? I just gotta find you, yeah