Who made the dedication page with Blanche of Castile?

Who made the dedication page with Blanche of Castile?

King Louis IX of France
Louis IX (detail),Dedication Page with Blanche of Castile and King Louis IX of France, Bible of Saint Louis (Moralized Bible), c. 1227-34, ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum (The Morgan Library and Museum, MS M. 240, fol. 8).

Who made the moralized Bible?

Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1906. Provenance: Executed in France, ca. 1227-1234 for Blanche of Castille and her son St.

Who was Queen Blanche of Castile?

Blanche of Castile (Spanish: Blanca de Castilla; 4 March 1188 – 27 November 1252) was Queen consort of France by marriage to Louis VIII. She acted as regent twice during the reign of her son, Louis IX: during his minority from 1226 until 1234, and during his absence from 1248 until 1252.

What makes a moralized Bible?

The Bible moralisée, or moralized bibles, are a small group of illustrated bibles that were made in thirteenth-century France and Spain. These books are among the most expensive medieval manuscripts ever made because they contain an unusually large number of illustrations.

What is the purpose of the Bible Moralisee?

The manuscripts were for private use, specifically the Bibles moraliées were designed to teach the French kings. The second of the bible manuscripts, Vienna 1179, may have been written in Latin for the purpose of teaching Louis VIII.

Who did Blanche of Castile marry?

Louis VIII of Francem. 1200–1226
Blanche of Castile/Spouse

Where in Spain is Castille?

Castile, Spanish Castilla, traditional central region constituting more than one-quarter of the area of peninsular Spain. Castile’s northern part is called Old Castile and the southern part is called New Castile.

What are the two texts contained in Bible Moralisee?

Biblical text and commentary. Bible moralisée contain two texts: the biblical text and the commentary text, which is sometimes called a gloss. These commentary texts interpreted the biblical text for the thirteenth century reader.