Who is the Polish singer known as Kayah?

Who is the Polish singer known as Kayah?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Katarzyna Magdalena Szczot (born on 5 November 1967 in Warsaw), professionally known as Kayah, is a Polish singer-songwriter.

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Who is the composer of Kayah i Bregovic?

In 1999, Kayah paired with the Yugoslav composer Goran Bregović to record what would become one of the most popular Polish albums ever, entitled Kayah i Bregović. Most of the music was composed by Bregović for the band Bijelo Dugme (White Button), which he had been a part of, and for movie soundtracks that he had worked on.

When did Kayah do her first solo song?

At the start of her career, Kayah sang in choirs and recorded backing vocals for a number of bands, such as Tilt. She made her solo debut with the song “Córeczko” (Little Daughter) in 1988 at the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole.