Who is the designer for Trina Turk?

Who is the designer for Trina Turk?

In 1998, she and her late husband, Jonathan Skow, bought a 1936 house inspired by a ship in Palm Springs, and in 2002, she opened her first boutique there, decorated by the interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

Is Trina Turk Turkish?

Daughter of parents from Tokat, Turkey, Trina Turk is famous for her fashion line that reflects California modernism.

Where are Trina Turk clothes made?

Trina Turk, who presented for the second time at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City on Sunday, says about 40 to 60 percent of the clothing from her women’s label is produced in the U.S. “There’s a customer segment that enjoys that things are made in the U.S.,” Turk said.

Who is Mr Turk?

Jonathan Skow, fashion designer and photographer known to many in the Coachella Valley and across the globe as Mr Turk, died Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to an obituary released by a spokesperson for his wife, designer Trina Turk. * He was 55.

Who is Trina Turk married to?

Jonathan Skow
Official statement from Trina Turk on the death of her husband, Jonathan Skow, also known as Mr Turk.

Is Trina Turk a good brand?

Trina Turk is known for high quality and impeccable detailing which makes it stand out amongst the rest. Trina’s designs are great for all occasions and age groups because of the line’s timeless and feminine look with a modern flare.

Who owns Trina Turk?

Founded in 1995 by Trina and her late husband, photographer Jonathan Skow, as a women’s contemporary line, Trina Turk has evolved into a print and color driven lifestyle brand, celebrating California style with eleven annual collections of chic women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, plus swimwear, eyewear, paper goods.

What is Trina Turk known for?

Trina Turk is renowned for putting the iconic Palm Springs style on the international stage. In addition, she recently opened the first Mr. Turk men’s retail store in Uptown, and her brand and vision have played a tremendous role in the renaissance currently underway in the city.

Who owns Mr Turk?

The Mr Turk line was launched and inspired by Jonathan Skow, noted photographer and stylist and Trina Turk’s husband. Mr Turk boutiques are located in Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Honolulu.

Did Trina Turk husband died?

Skow, Mr Turk designer and husband of Trina Turk, died in Los Angeles on Oct. 12. He was 55. Skow was doing what he loved, bodysurfing in the ocean, when he suffered a spinal cord injury on Labor Day in Hawaii.

Where does Trina Turk live?

Palm Springs
Trina splits her time between mid-century architectural homes in Los Angeles’ creative enclave of Silver Lake, Palm Springs and the Sea Ranch, interspersed with travels up and down the coastline and around the world.

What nationality is Trina?


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