Who is the best NFL team in 2011?

Who is the best NFL team in 2011?

2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

2011 Power Rankings: Week 1
1 Packers 10-6 — Last Week: 1
2 Patriots 14-2 — Last Week: 2
3 Steelers 12-4 2 Last Week: 5

What is the best NFL team in 2012?

1. Green Bay Packers (LW: 1): Through a month of training camp, this is still the most talented team in the NFL led by the best quarterback in the NFL.

Who won 2012 Super Bowl?

New York Giants
Super Bowl XLVI/Champion
Eli, Giants deny Pats again to win Super Bowl Eli Manning and the Giants one-upped Tom Brady and the Patriots again, coming back with a last-minute score to beat New England 21-17 Sunday night for New York’s fourth Super Bowl title.

Who are the NFL teams for the 2012 season?

Highlights of the 2012 schedule include: NFL Kickoff Game: The 2012 regular season began on Wednesday, September 5, as the defending Super Bowl XLVI champion New York Giants hosted the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cowboys beat the Giants 24–17.

What was the salary cap for the NFL in 2012?

The 2012 NFL League year and trading period began at 4pm EST on March 13 2012, which marked the start of the league’s free agency period. The per-team salary cap was set at US$120,600,000, marginally increased from US$120,000,000 the previous year. Notable players to change teams during free agency included:

Are there more Thursday Night Football games in 2012?

More Thursday night games: On February 3, 2012, commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the number of Thursday night games on the NFL Network will increase from eight to 13 games from weeks 2 through 15, excluding Week 12 (the Thanksgiving night game will now air on NBC ). This will ensure that every team will have at least one prime time game.

What was the average points scored in the NFL in 2012?

There were a total of 11,651 points scored during the 2012 NFL regular season. The average points scored among all the teams in the NFL was 22.8 points per game. The New England Patriots had the highest point differential, scoring an average of 14.1 points more than their opponents.