Who is the announcer on food battle?

Who is the announcer on food battle?

The Reporter Is played by Brian Rassmussen, who played The Neighbor in the That Damn Neighbor, and himself in BANNED VIDEO! There is a chance of him being named “Michael” as said in one Smosh video.

What is Ian Hecox favorite food?

Ian Hecox

Food Battle Records
Favorite food:
Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut

Was food battle the game removed?

As of August 4th, 2017, we will be retiring Food Battle: The Game from the app store and discontinuing support for future gameplay. We appreciate your support, and value your continued enthusiasm for our projects!

Who won Food Battle 2014?

Food Battle 2014
Views (approximate): +16,360,000
Anthony’s Favorite Food: Rock Candy
Winner: No one. But, Food Battle Reporter
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Who left Smosh?

Former Members

Name Born Date Left
Matthew Sohinki August 29, 1987 August 5, 2017
Amra “Flitz” Ricketts May 31, 1987 January 4, 2018
Ericka “Boze” Bozeman February 4, 1992 January 12, 2019
Joshua “Jovenshire” Ovenshire May 18, 1987 April 10, 2019

Is Ian’s mom actually his mom?

Anthony and everybody else call her “Ian’s Mom;” even Ian himself doesn’t know her real name and thinks that it is Mom. Her first name has never been mentioned before, but it is Sharon in real life.

Is there going to be a food battle on Smosh?

Every year, Anthony changes his food, while Ian always used his favorite food: the Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut . Since Anthony has departed from Smosh, it can be assumed that Food Battle will cease to exist. This was confirmed as there was no Food Battle 2017.

When did the Food Battle 2013 come out?

” FOOD BATTLE 2013″ is a Smosh video released on November 1, 2013 and is the eighth installment in the famous Food Battle series. It was officially announced on September 3, 2013. The voting process began on September 3 and ended on September 24, 2013.

What happens at the beginning of food Battle 2009?

Food Battle 2009 begins by Ian wandering somewhere and hearing a noise. It turns out to be Anthony playing a game system drumset. Shocked, Ian screams and Anthony says he wants a rematch. Ian thinks he’s a zombie, so Anthony does things to Ian which will hopefully prove he’s not a zombie.

When did food Battle 2010 start with Ian?

Food Battle 2010 starts like the way Food Battle 2006 did, but with Ian. He was playing with his donuts about Anthony drowning of his Taquitos. Out of nowhere Anthony appears.