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Who is Len mcauley Montana 1948?

Who is Len mcauley Montana 1948?

Len is a reformed alcoholic who begins drinking again shortly after he realizes Frank Hayden has murdered Marie Little Soldier. He remains loyal to Wesley and Gail after Frank’s arrest, and rescues Gail and David when Dale Paris and other employees of Grandpa Hayden attempt to break into the house.

Who was David’s father 1948?

Montana 1948 is a story told by a fictional character David Hayden, a twelve-year-old boy who lives with his family in a small town of Montana where David’s father, Wesley, works as the sheriff.

What kind of man is grandfather Hayden?

Grandpa Hayden is a bigoted and potentially violent man who favors his son Frank over his other son Wesley. He knows about Frank’s abuse of Sioux women, but his only concern is that Frank will father a non-white child.

Who abused power in Montana 1948?

Specifically, in the fictional novel Montana 1948, the Hayden family has all the power in their small town, and Frank Hayden abuses his power and rapes young women. One brother, Wes, is the sheriff and the other brother, Frank, is the doctor.

Who died Montana 1948?

In December of 1948 David’s family moves away from Bentrock. Frank’s death has been explained away as an accident, and the coroner (the only other person who saw Frank’s injuries) has kept the Hayden’s secret.

Who are the main characters in Montana 1948?

A friend of Marie Little Soldier. Doris comes to look after Marie when she is sick and the Haydens are away. An employee of Julian Hayden, Dale is the leader of the group of men who (on orders from Julian) come to Wesley Hayden ’s house in order to break Frank out of the basement.

What happens in the epilogue of Montana 1948?

In the epilogue, David recalls the events that happened after Frank killed himself. The Haydens hid Frank’s suicide and said his death was an accident. Grandpa Hayden never spoke to them again, and David and his parents moved in December to North Dakota.

What was life like in Montana in 1948?

In the first chapter, David describes the town where he lived with his parents in 1948. 1948 Bentrock, Montana is a small town near a Native American reservation. The people there have a harsh life, and they have to endure poverty and a harsh climate all year round. Despite this, David feels happy and protected.

What did David David think about in Montana 1948?

David thinks about his parents and the year he saw his father on the floor, crying, and his mother by the window, holding a gun in her hands. David also remembers a young Native American woman, lying in bed and coughing, a clear indication that she was going to die.