Who is Karkat dating?

Who is Karkat dating?

He and Dave kiss on panel. In the Candy timeline, Jade, Dave, and Karkat, are in a polyamorous relationship, though Karkat leaves eventually and Dave and Jade get married. Karkat goes off into space to fight in the Rebellion and begins dating Meenah.

Why does karkat hate John?

John grew up in a peaceful household with a loving guardian. Karkat, who grew up as the adopted child and caretaker of an angry giant crustacean, envies John the tranquility of his childhood. Because of this, and because John is the leader of the session whose Scratch took away Karkat’s own victory, Karkat hates John.

Who is Karkat VANTAs and what is her name?

Your name is KARKAT VANTAS and you want to put this whole SGRUB BULLSHIT behind you and start living PEACEFULLY with your matesprite/boyfriend. Your name is JOHN EGBERT and there are PEOPLE TO SAVE and things to do. May as well put these AWESOME POWERS of yours to good use!

When did Karkat get his wisdom teeth removed?

Dave gets his wisdom teeth removed and Karkat is left to deal with his persistent flirting. All of these are posted separately on my page if you ever want to look at a specific one, but I would prefer to have them all in one place and am having trouble adding them to a collection after they’ve been published.

Where does Karkat go in MS Paint Adventures?

Karkat prototypes his sprite kernel with his lusus, creating Crabsprite. He enters the Medium, arriving in the Land of Pulse and Haze. Terezi mentions meteors to Karkat, to his confusion. This may indicate he entered the Medium without any extreme impending threat.

Who is Karkat in shut in game tester?

Karkat, a shut in game tester, develops a routine of grabbing coffee at Starboons every morning. Which is funny, because he doesn’t particularly enjoy coffee and he despises the pretentiousness of the barista that works there… or does he really? Meanwhile Eridan struggles to find love. 7 /? It’s Christmas in the Strider-Vantas household.??????