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Who is Kabir wife?

Who is Kabir wife?

Parveen Dusanjm. 2016
Nikki Bedim. 1992–2005Protima Bedim. 1969–1974
Kabir Bedi/Wife

Who did Kabir Bedi marry?

Kabir Bedi/Spouse

Who was Parveen Babi father?

Vali Mohammed Babi
Parveen Babi/Fathers

Parveen was born fourteen years after the marriage of her parents, her father, Vali Mohammed Khan Babi, was a system administrator with the Nawab of Junagadh and her mother was Jamal Bakhte Babi (died 2001).

When did Parveen Babi died?

January 20, 2005
Parveen Babi/Date of death

Who is Alaya F parents?

Pooja Bedi
Farhan Furniturewala
Alaya F/Parents
Alaya F was born on 28 November 1997 to actress Pooja Bedi and businessman Farhan Ebrahim Furniturewalla. She has one younger brother, Omar Furniturewala, and one half-sibling Zaan Furniturewala. She is the granddaughter of actor Kabir Bedi and former model and classical dancer Protima Bedi.

When did pooja and Kabir Bedi get married?

Kabir Bedi’s marriage was an early one, and he had Pooja, and made his Hindi film debut in 1971.

Who is Kabir Bedi’s live in partner Parveen Dusanj?

Kabir Bedi married his live-in partner of 10 years the British Parveen Dusanj, who is interestingly four years younger to Kabir’s eldest daughter Pooja Bedi. It is no wonder Kabir Bedi’s marriage faced stiff disapproval from his daughter.

How did Farhan Bedi and Pooja Bedi meet?

Farhan is known to be a good friend of Kabir Bedi, and perhaps it is through the ‘Bedi connection’ he met Kabir’s daughter. They started off as friends though, and it was Farhan who was keen on having a permanent relationship with Pooja, but she kept postponing it.

Who is the father of Pooja Bedi’s child?

The other thing about Pooja Bedi is the fact of her tumultuous love life – similar to her father Kabir Bedi. She first dated the Bollywood bad-boy Aditya Pancholi, and then went on to marry Farhan Furniturewala with whom she had a son and a daughter. The marriage didn’t last, and Pooja went straight into the arms of the choreographer Hanif Hilal.