Who is ibiki in Naruto?

Who is ibiki in Naruto?

Ibiki Morino is the supporting character of the Naruto franchise. He is a tokubetsu jōnin of Konohagakure and the commanding officer of the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force, Konoha Gomon/Jinmon Butai).

How old is ibiki in Boruto?

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editIbiki Morino
Birthdate March 20
Sex Male
Age Part I: 27 Part II: 31–32

What is ibiki jutsu?

Summoning Technique
Summoning: Torture ChamberSummoning: Iron Maiden
Ibiki Morino/Jutsu

Does ibiki use genjutsu?

Tasked with extracting intel from Konoha’s many enemies, Ibiki’s means of doing so are less than glamorous. Using genjutsu, he can place his enemies in a torture chamber, agonizingly tightening the razor wires around their body until they surrender and tell him everything he wants to know.

Is choza alive in Boruto?

23 Choza Akimichi (Abandoned) For all the characters Boruto squeezes in, characters from Naruto that would now be grandparents isn’t one of those. While Shikaku and Inoichi had a building collapse in on them in the Fourth Shinobi War, the third member of Shika-Ino-Cho, Choza, survived.

Who is Hayate namikaze?

Hayate Namikaze is a renown shinobi of the Leaf village known particularly for his campaign against Amegakure when war erupted between them and Konoha. He is one of the elite Jonin of the village who also holds the title of S-rank among his peers and enemies.

Who killed Aoi Naruto?

Sasuke was saved by Sakura. Naruto then fought Aoi, and eventually defeated him with the Rasengan; by aiming at the crack on the sword, Naruto was able to break it. Once the Rasengan hit Aoi, it sent him flying off the cliff where he fell headfirst into the water.

How old is Anko?

‘Naruto’ Profile: Anko Mitarashi

editAnko Mitarashi
Birthdate October 24
Sex Female
Age Part I: 24 Part II: 28

Who is ibiki’s brother?

Idate Morino (森乃イダテ, Morino Idate) is the younger brother of Ibiki Morino.

Who was konohamaru Sensei?

When Konohamaru became a teacher to Boruto’s generation, however, he didn’t take up the tradition of training the new InoShikaCho trio. Instead, Konohamaru’s friend Moegi is their sensei.

Who killed choza?

Police allege Choza’s live-in girlfriend, 52-year-old Shelley Reaves, killed him inside their apartment on North Quince Street near West Mission Avenue, according to Toth.

What’s the story of Naruto’s daughter Ibiki?

Will s… *NARUTO FANFIC* (Ibiki’s daughter) her early years are unknown to most and is now an orphan. the orphanage uses them to make money, forcing them to live on the streets… [Book One] “I’m proud of who I am.

What kind of person is Ibiki Morino in Naruto?

Ibiki displaying his scars. Ibiki is a very strict person, and has even been described as being a sadist by Kakashi Hatake. Compounded with this is his belief that pain is an effective form of communication, which he employed whenever he carries out his duties of torture and interrogation.

What kind of coat does Ibiki wear in Naruto?

Fifteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Ibiki wears a light coloured trench coat, with a striped shirt underneath. Ibiki is a master of interrogation both physically and psychologically, and plays an important part in the extracting of information, as he interrogates suspects and prisoners of war.

How does Ibiki feel about his brother iDate?

In the anime, despite his strict demeanour, he does show care towards his younger brother Idate, as he told him to run as he fought Aoi off. Upon briefly reuniting with him, Ibiki was pleased by how much Idate had changed and felt gratitude towards Naruto for changing his brother.