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Who created Battlefield 1942?

Who created Battlefield 1942?

Battlefield 1942/Developers
Battlefield 1942 (also known as BF1942) is the first installment in the Battlefield series and was developed by DICE. It was released for PC in 2002 and was later made the AIAS and IGN Game of the Year. To celebrate the game’s ten year anniversary, it was made available for free on Origin in November 2012.

When did EA buy dice?

Acquisition by Electronic Arts (2006–present) On 25 January 2005, shareholders agreed to the acquisition, and EA raised their ownership in DICE to 59.8%. In March 2006, EA announced a new plan to acquire all outstanding shares in DICE for 67.50 kr per share.

What year is Battlefield 5 set in?

Inspired by an unfamiliar conflict of World War 2, set in May 1940.

What kind of Mod do I need for Battlefield 1942?

Run the graphics mod from “Custom game” menu. Requires the base “Graphics Pack 0.8” pack for full experience. Main mod with texture overhaul and other tweaks that works on original multiplayer servers too. This part contains the additional graphics mod and the updated expansion packs. New version with more textures and other stuff.

Is there a graphics update for Battlefield 1942?

Graphics update for the official expansion packs. Multiplayer compatible textures and additional mods with advanced tweaks. This works as a normal BF1942 mod. Run the graphics mod from “Custom game” menu. Requires the base “Graphics Pack 0.8” pack for full experience.

Where can I download mod for battlefield 1918?

Download with install instructions. Enjoy the Bodies Stay Mod! This is the full version of Battlefield 1918 V3.3 and allows new players to easily play the mod. Just simply drop the contents of this file into mod folder…

Who is the creator of the battlegroup42 mod?

The BattleGroup42 team is greeting all players and fans with another part of our big model presentation. Once again it’s about models made by Gauranga… No articles were found matching the criteria specified.