Who canonized Pope John Paul II?

Who canonized Pope John Paul II?

Pope Francis
The date of the canonization was assigned on 30 September 2013. The Canonization Mass was celebrated by Pope Francis (with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI concelebrating), on 27 April 2014 (Divine Mercy Sunday), in St. Peter’s Square (Pope John Paul had died on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday in 2005).

What did Pope John Paul II do during ww2?

Pope John Paul II is remembered for his successful efforts to end communism, as well as for building bridges with peoples of other faiths, and issuing the Catholic Church’s first apology for its actions during World War II. He was succeeded by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI.

How would you describe Pope John Paul II?

John Paul II was the first non-Italian pope in 455 years. He travelled abroad extensively in an effort to promote greater understanding between countries and religions, and he campaigned against political oppression, violence, and materialism. He survived an assassination attempt in 1981.

What number pope was John Paul II?

The following is a list of key dates in the life of Pope John Paul II (born Karol Jozef Wojtyla), 264th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, who died today at age 84: May 18, 1920: Karol Jozef Wojtyla is born in Wadowice, Poland.

What can we learn from Pope John Paul II?

30 Life-Changing Lessons to Learn from Pope John Paul II

  • Life was entrusted to us as a treasure.
  • Do not be afraid to take a chance on peace.
  • Have no fear of moving into the unknown.
  • Do not be satisfied with mediocrity.
  • Be amazed at the heights to which you are called. –
  • Do not abandon yourself to despair.

What was the greatest threat to Pope John Paul II’s life?

As the leader of the Catholic Church, he traveled the world, visiting more than 100 countries to spread his message of faith and peace. But he was close to home when he faced the greatest threat to his life. In 1981, an assassin shot John Paul twice in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.