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Who are the directors of Chelsea Football Club?

Who are the directors of Chelsea Football Club?

Directors: Marina Granovskaia, Guy Laurence, Eugene Tenenbaum.

  • Bruce Buck. Chairman.
  • Guy Laurence. Chief Executive.
  • Eugene Tenenbaum. Director.
  • Marina Granovskaia. Director.

Who is Chelsea admin?

Kenny Dowling –
Kenny Dowling – Admin & Operations Manager – Chelsea Football Club | LinkedIn.

Who is in charge of Chelsea FC?

Thomas Tuchel
The current head coach is Thomas Tuchel, appointed in January 2021. Chelsea have had 29 permanent managers/head coaches (of whom four also served as player-manager), six interim managers and five caretakers. Ron Suart has served as both caretaker and interim manager.

Does Chelsea have a football director?

Marina Granovskaia (Russian: Марина Грановская; born 13 January 1975) is a Russian-Canadian business executive currently serving as the director of Chelsea F.C.. She has also served as chief assistant to Roman Abramovich for over ten years.

Who is the owner of Barcelona?

Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta (born 6 February 1963) is a Spanish entrepreneur, and a former president of football club FC Barcelona….

Josep Maria Bartomeu
Born Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta 6 February 1963 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Children 2
Alma mater ESADE
Profession Entrepreneur

Who beat Chelsea the most?

The club has won 63 of their league matches against Newcastle United which represents the most Chelsea have won against any club….All-time league record.

Club Arsenal
Total F 217
A 237
Win% 31.55
First 1907–08

Who does Chelsea hate?

Chelsea F.C.–Tottenham Hotspur F.C. rivalry – is a rivalry dating back to their first meeting in 1909, between West London Chelsea and North London Tottenham Hotspur. They’ve played each other just over 160 times.

Does Chelsea have a board?

In 2021, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich directed the board to further increase the club’s efforts to fight racism and discrimination…

Who is the owner of Chelsea Football Club?

She moved from the Russian capital to London shortly after the acquisition of Chelsea Football Club in 2003 and since 2010 has acted as a representative of the owner at the club and in support of the board of directors. She joined the board of Chelsea FC plc and the Football Club Board in June 2013 and is mainly responsible for player transactions.

Who are the members of the Chelsea management team?

The Management team is made up of all types of management including developments, assistants, scouting etc. There are also a number of former Chelsea players who help run the club. Following the departure of Maurizio Sarri, Frank Lampard has been given new staff and has brought along a few of his own men.

When did Marina Granovskaia join the Chelsea board?

She joined the board of Chelsea FC plc and the Football Club Board in June 2013 and is mainly responsible for player transactions. In addition to being a native Russian speaker, Granovskaia is fluent in English and speaks several other European languages.

Why are Chelsea not a stable football club?

Whatever the reason, Chelsea are not a stable club in terms of management. They have flipped through over 10 managers under him. Let us take a look at who all were there and how they all fared in the battle to survive in the Roman empire.