Who are the characters in death of a salesman?

Who are the characters in death of a salesman?

See a complete list of the characters in Death of a Salesman and in-depth analyses of Willy Loman, Biff Loman, Happy Loman, and Linda Loman and Charley. Character List Willy Loman Biff Loman Happy Loman Linda Loman and Charley

How are Willy and happy similar in death of a salesman?

Death of a Salesman Unlike Willy and Happy, Biff feels compelled to seek the truth about himself. While his father and brother are unable to accept the miserable reality of their respective lives, Biff acknowledges his failure and eventually manages to confront it.

What was the condition of Happy Loman in death of a salesman?

His empty vow to avenge Willy’s death by finally “beat [ing] this racket” provides evidence of his critical condition: for Happy, who has lived in the shadow of the inflated expectations of his brother, there is no escape from the Dream’s indoctrinated lies.

What did Ben represent in the death of a salesman?

Ben, whose success involved a literal jungle in Africa, represents one version of the frontier narrative. Dave Singleman represents another. Willy chose to follow Singleman’s path, convinced that it was the modern version and future of the American Dream of success through hard work.

How did Willy Loman die in the death of a salesman?

And in the end, Willy commits suicide, realizing his so little accomplishments in his life. Willy Loman, after having set out on a sales trip to Portland, Maine that morning, returns to his Brooklyn home very late at night since he continually drove his car off the side of the road.

How much does Willy ask for in the death of a salesman?

Willy asks for a non-traveling job at $65 a week. Howard replies that there is no opening available. He looks for his lighter.

Who was Bernard in the death of a salesman?

Bernard was a boyhood friend or Biff and Happy, now a successful lawyer dealing with cases before Supreme Court. Willy, being amazed, inquiries that how he was able to succeed since Biff and Happy failed, however, Bernard asks Willy why Biff never went to school to graduate, after doing badly in a mathematics course for a scholarship.