Who are Saroj Khan parents?

Who are Saroj Khan parents?

Kishanchand Sadhu Singh
Noni Sadhu Singh
Saroj Khan/Parents
Saroj Khan’s real name is Nirmala Sadhu Songh. Father: Kishanchand Sadhu Singh Mother: Noni Sadhu Singh Saroj’s parents migrated from Pakistan to India during the partition in 1947.

Are Farah Khan and Saroj Khan related?

Farah Khan Saroj Khan had paved the way for choreographers like her and was an inspiration for her. Farah Khan says Saroj Khan was a formidable woman. Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan has remembered choreographer Saroj Khan, who died on Friday. My deepest condolences to her family,” Farah told Hindustan Times.

Who was Saroj Khans husband?

B. Sohanlalm. 1961–1965
Saroj Khan/Husband

Who is husband of Madhuri Dixit?

Shriram Madhav Nenem. 1999
Madhuri Dixit/Husband
The actress stays with her family in Mumbai. She married Shriram Nene, a doctor, in the year 1999 and the couple are parents to two sons – Arin and Raayan. Arin recently “graduated from high school with flying colors (Madhuri Dixit’s words).”

Who is Madhuri Dixit parents?

Snehlata Dixit
Shankar Dixit
Madhuri Dixit/Parents

Madhuri Dixit was born on 15 May 1967 into a Marathi Kokanastha Brahmin family in Bombay (present-day Mumbai) to Shankar and Snehlata Dixit.

Who is Saroj Khan’s husband?

Is Saroj Khan still alive?

Deceased (1948–2020)
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Who is Farah Khan’s husband?

Shirish Kunderm. 2004
Farah Khan/Husband
Farah Khan married Shirish Kunder, the editor of her film Main Hoon Na, on 9 December 2004. They have since worked together on each other’s films, such as Jaan-E-Mann, Om Shanti Om, and Tees Maar Khan. Khan gave birth to triplets — one son and two daughters — in 2008 through in vitro fertilisation.

At what age did Farah Khan get married?

Also Check Out: Have you seen these candid photos of Farah Khan’s family? Farah Khan got married to Shirish Kunder on December 9, 2004. The choreographer-director gave birth to triplets – daughters Diva and Anya, and son Czar when she was 43, and chose to have them via the advanced process of IVF.