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Who are Mahesh Babu children?

Who are Mahesh Babu children?

Sitara Ghattamaneni
Gautham Ghattamaneni
Mahesh Babu/Children
Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar have two kids – son, Gautham and daughter, Sitara. Actor Mahesh Babu on Tuesday took to Instagram to wish his daughter Sitara Ghattamaneni on her ninth birthday.

Does Mahesh Babu have siblings?

Ramesh Babu
NareshPriyadarshini GhattamaneniManjula GhattamaneniPadmavathi Ghattamaneni
Mahesh Babu/Siblings

His elder brother Ramesh Babu is a film producer and was also an actor. Mahesh Babu’s eldest sister Padmavathi is married to Galla Jayadev, an industrialist and Member of the Indian Parliament from the Telugu Desam Party. His elder sister Manjula is a film producer, director, and an actress.

Who is Mahesh Babus father?

Mahesh Babu/Fathers

Who is Mahesh Babu sister?

Priyadarshini Ghattamaneni
Manjula GhattamaneniPadmavathi Ghattamaneni
Mahesh Babu/Sisters
Mahesh Babu’s Sister Priyadarshini Celebrates Her Birthday With Husband Sudheer Babu And Fam.

Does Mahesh Babu smoke in real life?

Popular Telugu actor, Mahesh Babu was a chain smoker, but now he doesn’t even smoke on screen as he does not want to mislead fans.

Who is the biggest superstar in Telugu cinema?

Undoubtedly, Prabhas is the most happening Telugu star currently. Post- Baahubali release, Prabhas’ crazy has reached the next level and even gained solid popularity in the North audience.

How old was Mahesh Babu when he made his debut?

The younger son of veteran Telugu actor Krishna, Babu made his debut as a child artist in a cameo role in Needa (1979), at the age of four, and acted in eight other films as a child artist. He made his debut as a lead actor with Rajakumarudu (1999) which won him Nandi Award for Best Male Debut.

Where did Ramesh and Mahesh Babu play cricket?

Since Krishna was busy with his film commitments, Ramesh Babu used to look after Mahesh Babu’s academic performance. Along with his siblings, Babu used to play cricket regularly at the VGP Golden beach in Madras.

Who is Rao Ramesh daughter married to in Brahmotsavam?

But one among the family, Rao Ramesh is always unhappy with the way he is always under the shadow of Satyaraj. To get even more prominence in the family, he decides to get his daughter (Pranitha) married to Mahesh Babu who is Satyaraj’s son.Twist in the tale arises when Rao Ramesh finds out that Mahesh is already in love with Kajal.

Why did Mahesh Babu film underperform at the box office?

While the film underperformed at the box office, the Deccan Chronicle stated that Mahesh Babu was its saving grace. The film was criticised by the public, due to the lack of a proper story. Mahesh stated that this was an error of judgement, where he had picked the wrong director.