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Which Ward vs Gatti fight was best?

Which Ward vs Gatti fight was best?

Ward vs. On May 18, 2002, Ward faced the opponent with whom he became most identified, Arturo Gatti. The fight was a wild one, but a ninth round Ward knockdown of Gatti proved to be the difference, with Ward winning a majority decision. The fight was later named the 2002 Ring magazine fight of the year.

How many fights did Micky Ward win against Arturo Gatti?

For the record, as if there are any fans that don’t know, Ward won fight one, Gatti fights two and three. But while Gatti carried on for a further four years after the trilogy was done, Ward called it quits on a brutally honest career as soon as fight three was over.

Who won Ward vs Gatti 2?

Ward-Gatti II took place six months later in November 2002 in Atlantic City, with Gatti scoring a unanimous decision victory. Then came the third and final bout in this epic trilogy, on June 7, 2003. Ward actually managed to knock Gatti down in the sixth round.

Was Micky Ward a good fighter?

Micky Ward’s career A super light fighter, Ward wasn’t known for his brawn, nor were his opponents, reports BoxRec. The lighter divisions rely on speed and quickness just as much as they rely on strength. Ward began to make a name for himself in the early eighties as a teenager.

Who did Arturo Gatti fight?

Professional boxing record

No. Result Opponent
40 Loss Micky Ward
39 Win Terron Millett
38 Loss Oscar De La Hoya
37 Win Joe Hutchinson

What did Micky Ward throw at Arturo Gatti?

14 June 2020. From the section Micky Ward threw a left hook at Arturo Gatti’s coffin. The American said the punch was his way of lovingly saying “I got you last”. Seven years earlier the pair spent three fights – 30 rounds in all – trading the kind of blows boxing will never forget.

What did Gatti do in the 9th round?

Gatti was still dragging his exhausted body from his seat as Ward started forward in anticipation of the bell for Round Nine. In fact, when the first blow landed, his stool had not yet made it through the ropes to the sanctuary of its mid-round ringside position.

What was the last fight of Andre Gatti’s career?

Gatti got his revenge, twice over, scoring two wins in what were the last two fights of Ward’s career. For the final fight of his own career, Gatti hired his great rival as his trainer. Ward has suffered badly with headaches since retirement.

Who is the winner of Gatti-Ward 9?

Dead horses get flogged daily on sports pages all over the world, but round nine of Gatti-Ward I will never suffer that fate.