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Which shape of plot is good as per Vastu?

Which shape of plot is good as per Vastu?

The shape of the plot is of primary consideration. Vaastu considers a square to be the most perfect, stable and sacred form. A rectangular plot is also auspicious and so is any other plot with an even number of sides. Square plots denote prosperity, peace and happiness; rectangular plots ensure health and prosperity.

What is Gau Mukhi plot?

Gaumukhi or cow-faced plots Also known as Gomukhi plots, these are considered very lucky for residential use, as the shape represents a cow, symbolising the best of everything. Gaumukhi plots are narrow from the front and broad at the rear.

Which shape of land is not suitable for planning?

*Avoid plot shapes which are round, oval, triangular or L-shaped because these cause uneven distribution of energies that can have adverse effects.

Is triangular plot good according to Vastu?

Triangular plot and other irregular shaped plots are inauspicious because they emit negative energy. Owners of such plots should make the necessary Vastu corrections and try to make the plot into a square or rectangle. It thus follows that any reduction in these directions is very inauspicious.

Which corner plot is best?

As per Vastu principles, a corner plot having two open sides in the North and East directions is the most favorable one. The slope of the house should be towards the North and East direction of the plot. Use the North and East edges of the plot for making balconies, garden, patio, and other such open spaces.

What is ideal plot size for house?

Most common plot sizes available in India are 20 x 40 ft, 20 x 50 ft, 30 x 60 ft plot and many more.

Which direction is best for plot?

The direction of the plot While you plan to purchase a plot, prefer a North-facing direction as it is considered highly auspicious. East and West-facing plots can also be considered; however, south-facing land should be completely avoided. In addition to direction, the type of the soil is also essential.

Which Gaumukhi plot is good?

Plots which are narrow in front and broad in the rear are called Gaumukhi plots. These plots are good for residential purposes if the roads are on the southern and western sides. These plots are not good for commercial purposes. These plots are good because the North-East is extended in both examples.

What kind of plot should you avoid?

One should avoid round, oval, triangular and L-shaped plots. It is imperative to check the corners of the land as well. A plot with a cut in the northeast corner is ominous as it is like a headless body, informs Jain.

Is L shaped plot good?

“In Vastu Shastra, the beneficial shapes are square and rectangle (with proper ratio). These plot shapes lead to prosperity, wellbeing and happiness for the owner. Other shapes, such as circle, U or L-shaped plots have missing corners that may cause serious problems, depending on the section that is missing.

What is ideal plot size for House?

What is a good plot size for house?

What to do with irregularly shaped plot in Vastu?

Shops (South West side dosha), garages (South West side dosha), small temple (Shadow of the temple should not fall on building but only suitable for North-East side dosha), gardens (North/ North- East/ East side dosha) etc. can be constructed to divert the bad effects of the plot from irregular side.

How is a vastu shastra related to a road?

Vastu for plots in relation to roads 1 Plots that are surrounded by roads from all four or even three sides, are considered auspicious. 2 A plot which has adjacent roads to the north and the west, is also good. 3 Plots which have adjacent roads to the south and west, lead to wealth creation.

Do you need to know Vastu Shastra before buying plot?

Before buying plots, houses, shops and factories people must observe the shape and size of the plot. The plots which are defective as per Vastu Shastra, there is a dire need to correct the dosha before constructing anything on the plot, Otherwise, the construction may be delayed or it may harm the owner in various ways.

Is it safe to take Vastu Shastra over the counter?

Vastu Shastra» Shapes, Plots and Their Consequences X Message by Dr. Smita:Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building.