Which Sciences Po is best?

Which Sciences Po is best?

In 2021, Sciences Po ranks in the top 50 worldwide in 4 disciplines:

  • 2nd in the world in Politics and International Studies.
  • 21st in Social Policy and Administration (up from 23rd in 2020)
  • 30th in Sociology (28th in 2020)
  • 39thth in Development Studies (40th in 2020)

Is studying at Sciences Po worth it?

It is a good job market for Sciences Po graduates, because 83.7% of Sciences Po students found their first job within six months of graduating. So, is Sciences Po Paris PSIA worth it? Yes, absolutely. It is also more affordable, particularly for European students that can apply for financial aid.

Is Sciences Po taught in French?

In order to recruit the best students from all around the world, Sciences Po offers programmes fully taught in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students may take intensive French language courses during their studies at Sciences Po, and become multilingual.

How many campuses does Sciences Po have in France?

About Sciences Po. Founded in 1872, Sciences Po (SP), or the Paris Institute of Political Studies, specialises in the social and political sciences, and is regarded as an elite institution due to its prominent alumni. It exists across seven campuses in France, with the main one being in Paris, France.

Where does Sciences Po rank in the world?

In France, Sciences Po ranked first in Politics and International Studies, Social Policy and Administration, and Sociology, and second in Law and in Development Studies. The institution ranked fourth domestically in Economics and moved from the sixth to the fourth place in History. Who are our 2020 and 2021 graduates?

Which is the leading university in Social Sciences in France?

Sciences Po is France’s leading university in the social sciences, and has seven multicultural campuses in France. Founded in 1872, Sciences Po has been educating decision-makers in the public and private sectors for over 140 years. The Sciences Po Undergraduate College offers a three-year Bachelor’s degree programme that includes a year

What can you study at Sciences Po University?

Common fields of study include communications, economics, finance, international affairs, journalism, law, organisational behaviour, and public affairs. Sciences Po offers dual Bachelor’s degrees with nine of the world’s leading universities, allowing students to study as fully integrated members of two distinct academic cultures.