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Where should I sit Coliseum?

Where should I sit Coliseum?

The best seats for an Oakland Raiders game are located in the sections closest to the 50 yard line in the lower level sections 141-143 in rows 10 and up. This side of the field is preferred because this sideline is closer to the stands than the other side due to the architecture of the stadium.

What are the best seats in Oakland Coliseum for baseball?

Specifically, we recommend tickets in the first few rows of section 104 in right field and 129 and 130 in left field. These sections are as close to the field as you would expect out of a baseball-only stadium, and they provide excellent sitelines back towards home plate.

How many rows are in the Oakland Coliseum?

The bleacher seats at Oakland Coliseum consist of sections 134 through 139 (left field), and 145 through 150 (right field). The number of rows for the bleacher sections will vary, but are typically numbered 27 through 46.

What is plaza level at Oakland Coliseum?

200 level
The Plaza level is made up of 200 level seating and has only 12 rows in most sections. Choose sections 215-219 for your best chance at staying out of the sun and seeing the action.

Can you tailgate at Oakland Coliseum?

Effective June 29, tailgating is allowed at the Oakland Coliseum. On-site parking will be available in the North and South Parking lots. Parking will be $30 and cashless payments are required for all purchases.

Where is the shade at Oakland Coliseum?

If you are looking to sit in the shade at the Coliseum, you want seek out seats in sections 213-221 behind home plate, or in rows 20 and above in sections 113-120. You want to avoid all outfield seats if you want to stay out of the sun, as these are some of the hottest seats at RingCentral Coliseum.

Where are the lounge seats at Oakland Coliseum?

section 113
Opposite The Terrace are the Lounge Seats located in the upper part of section 113. Instead of the home dugout, these seats will overlook the visitors side. These are some of the most comfortable seats at the ballpark.

What seats are in the shade at Oakland Coliseum?

What section is the treehouse at Oakland Coliseum?

left field
The Treehouse sits above the left field bleachers in the Oakland Coliseum. A fun and joyous place for fans to relax and connect, the space is open to all fans and features two full-service bars, standing-room and lounge seating, a TV wall, and pre- and postgame entertainment.

How much is parking at A’s stadium?

All other vehicles must pay the $20 parking fee. However, discounted parking is available upon inquiry. The K Lot Tailgate Area opens 3.5 hours prior to game time for caterers and set up. Tailgate guests are allowed to access the area 2.5 hours prior to game time and are encouraged to park in A Lot.

Can you buy food at the A’s game?

You’re finally in your seats, how can you order food and drinks? Once you’re in your seat, you won’t be able to walk to your favorite concession stand for a hot dog and soda. Instead, you’ll use the MLB Ballpark App using the mobile order function to order your food and it will be delivered right to your seat.