Where should I live at Santa Clara University?

Where should I live at Santa Clara University?

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Apartment Information Distance from SCU SCU
Briarwood Gardens 3440 Warburton Santa Clara, CA 95050 408-248-5766 2.9 miles 3.6 miles
Central Park Apartments 1750 Stokes Street San Jose, CA 95050 408-998-0300 3.6 miles 1 mile
Creekside Apartments 1800 Stokes Street Santa Clara, CA 95050 408-289-8080 3.6 miles 3.6 miles

Do freshmen have to live on campus at Santa Clara?

Santa Clara University requires all unmarried, full-time undergraduate students to live on campus during their first (freshman, transfer sophomore) and second-year unless the student has been approved for an exception or space is not available to accommodate this requirement.

Does Santa Clara University have dorms?

The Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are Santa Clara University’s primary undergraduate housing, and are housed in nine of the on-campus residence halls. All first-year students, including those who commute from home, are assigned to a Residential Learning Community.

Does Santa Clara University have coed dorms?

Our community is co-ed, with approximately 370 first and second-year students that call the building home.

Where do Santa Clara students live?

Juniors and seniors can choose to live in the University Villas, a 128-unit townhouse-style complex, a few steps off the main campus.

Where do Santa Clara Law students live?

Clare Hall & University Square), the Santa Clara University Housing Office also offers a number of houses for graduate/law students. The graduate houses are residences located adjacent the university which are rented to graduate/law students. Learn more about each graduate house! Law students move-in on August 8, 2021.

What should I bring to SCU?

ITEMS TO BRING TO SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY. LINENS – All students will need to provide their own sheets, a blanket or comforter, and a pillow. All of the mattresses within buildings that house first-year and sophomore students are extra-long twin (39 x 80 inches) and therefore require extra-long twin sheets.

Is SCU a dry campus?

Drug-free Workplace and School Program It is the goal of Santa Clara University to maintain a drug-free workplace and campus. The unlawful presence of any controlled substance or alcohol in the workplace and campus itself is prohibited.

What percent of Santa Clara is Greek life?

With six Fraternities and five Sororities, more than twenty-five percent of Santa Clara students are involved in Greek life.

How many SCU students live on campus?

Seventy-eight percent of undergraduate students receive financial aid–based scholarships, grants, or loans. More than half (58 percent) of the undergraduate population live in University housing, with 96 percent of first-year students and 73 percent of sophomores living on campus.

How far is Santa Clara University from the beach?

The distance between Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Santa Clara University is 27 miles.