Where is the set of random passage?

Where is the set of random passage?

colonial Newfoundland
It is set in colonial Newfoundland over the span of many years. The main characters include Mary “Bundle” Sprig, Lavinia “Vinnie” Andrews and family, Thomas Hutchings, the Vincents, and the Norris family.

Is Random Passage a true story?

It may be a work of fiction, but it accurately reflects the early life on the fishing settlements of Newfoundland. It follows the lives of the Andrews’ family, who left England; Mary Bundle, an Irish servant; and Thomas Hutchings, the founding man of Cape Random.

When was random passage filmed?

Constructed in 2000 for the filming of the international TV mini-series “Random Passage” the site today provides the opportunity to step back in time to learn about the obstacles and opportunities our forebears faced during early settlement.

Who is the singer of random passage Newfoundland?

Site of the Random Passage TV series, New Bonaventure Newfoundland. Bob Porter sings Come on Home to Newfoundland. Credits go to Ruby Mason for this clip.

Who is the author of the book Random Passage?

Random Passage is a 1992 novel by Newfoundland author Bernice Morgan. It was published by Breakwater Books Ltd. of St. John’s, NL. It was followed by a sequel, Waiting for Time . It is a historical novel about the inhabitants of Cape Random, a small outport where survival was dependent on catching and selling fish in exchange for supplies.

Is the random passage site in New Bonaventure?

Share another experience before you go. We had the opportunity to watch the mini series of Random Passage and made certain to include a visit to the site on our trip to Nfld. What an amazing experience to learn how the early settlers to the…

Is the random passage site worth a visit?

We went for a tour on a day it was drizzling and the only two on the tour. The tour guide took us around and did a good job of explaining the random passage story and of how life must have been back then. The site is picturesque and We enjoyed the tour.