Where is the Neptune Memorial Reef located?

Where is the Neptune Memorial Reef located?

Miami Florida
Located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami Florida – GPS coordinates N25º 42.036′, W80º 05.409′ – Neptune Memorial Reef™ is the largest man-made reef ever conceived and, when complete, will have transformed over 16 acres of barren ocean floor.

How much does it cost to be buried at Neptune Memorial Reef?

The cost of a single placement, in which ashes are mixed with cement into the mold, starts at $1,999. Neptune also offers “Scatter at Sea” options for as low as $595, which includes scattering ashes in open water above the reef with a plaque placed on the reef.

Can you snorkel Neptune Memorial Reef?

All are welcome on Neptune Memorial Reef; it is a very popular SCUBA and snorkeling site, while also being frequented by those who enjoy viewing from the comfort of the boat. “Thanks to its marine protected area listing, the reef is a sanctuary to endangered and threatened species.

How deep is the Neptune Memorial Reef?

40 feet
The Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater columbarium in what was conceived by the creator as the world’s largest man-made reef (covering over 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2) of ocean floor) at a depth of 40 feet (12 m) ).

Was Julia Child buried or cremated?

Julia Child

Original Name Julia Carolyn McWilliams
Birth 15 Aug 1912 Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Death 13 Aug 2004 (aged 91) Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California, USA
Burial Neptune Memorial Reef Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA
Memorial ID 9311948 · View Source

What was Neptune reef made of?

To be memorialized in the Neptune Memorial Reef, an individual’s remains are first cremated and mixed with concrete. This mixture is shaped into forms such as sea stars, coral, or shells, marked with the person’s name and placed on the ocean floor or added to the structures of the Lost City.

Where is the Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida?

The Neptune Memorial Reef lies 3.25 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida at GPS coordinates N25º 42.036′, W80º 05.409′ and when completed it will cover an area of 16 acres of ocean floor. There are several dive boats that frequently visit the reef; to join one of these expeditions, simply contact a Miami-based dive shop.

What kind of fish are on the Neptune Memorial Reef?

Two Atlantic Rays, named Lucy and Desi, and a Loggerhead Turtle named Crush are among the residents here; sergeant majors, grunts, parrotfish, and French angelfish are just a few of the species of fish that can be found. These beautiful creatures add to the excitement of your trip to the Memorial Reef.

How are cremated remains memorialized on Neptune reef?

Memorialization in the Reef is achieved by carefully blending cremated remains with a natural concrete substance, which is then molded and secured within the various artistic structures, complete with an engraved copper plaque. Placement in the Reef varies depending on the type of feature selected and its location.

Who is the director of Neptune Memorial Reef?

Neptune Memorial Reef’s Operations Director Jim Hutslar, who was also one of the masterminds behind development of the reef stated, “Already designated as the most prolific reef in South Florida and predicted to one day be visible from space, I believe the Neptune Memorial Reef is becoming one of the wonders of the world.”