Where is Synette Jelines ring?

Where is Synette Jelines ring?

Ald Velothi
Synette Jeline can be found close to Ald Velothi, on a road between there and Gnisis. When the Nerevarine talks to her, she will claim that she is a dancer and ask them to help her to retrieve her ring, which has sunk in the pond nearby.

Where is the ring in the pond morrowind?

The ring is in a shallow pool of water just north of Jeline. Since the water is so murky and the ring is so tiny, you may have a great deal of trouble locating it.

How does Chameleon work in Morrowind?

Chameleon is an Illusion spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Its magic effect makes the caster invisible for 30 seconds, however unlike invisibility’s effects, chameleon will not wear off if any interacting with items is made.

How do I get to Ald Velothi?

Although Ald Velothi does have a ship, the Fair Helas, it cannot be used as transport. Instead, the main way of traveling to Ald Velothi is through Khuul, a town on the Silt Strider routes.

Who is Fargoth?

Fargoth is a Bosmer Commoner living in the town of Seyda Neen.

How do you get Gnisis?

The only fast-travel is by Silt Strider to and from Ald’ruhn, Khuul, Maar Gan or Seyda Neen, or by using the Propylon network in nearby Berandas. Difficult roads lead north over gorges to Ald Velothi and Khuul. The coastal road to Gnaar Mok isn’t much better.

Where is Arvs Drelen?

Arvs-Drelen is a Velothi tower located in Gnisis. It is the home of Revus Demnevanni, and he can be found inside after completing the quest Hatching a Plan.

What is the difference between invisibility and chameleon?

Chameleon is a similar effect to Invisibility. The chameleon effect is not perfect, but it lasts for the entire duration of the effect, regardless of what actions you take. You become more difficult to see at a distance and in light, like a partial invisibility.

Where can I buy chameleon spell in Morrowind?


Spell Cost Location
Chameleon * 10pts for 30sec on Self 15 Vos, Varo Tradehouse Entrance
Vivec, Telvanni Sorcerer
Shadow Form 6-15pts for 30sec on Self 16 Vivec, Hlaalu Edryno Arethi’s House
Tel Mora, Tower Services

Where is Malexas husband?

Southeast of Khuul you will find Sason along the road who will tell you that he has lost his wife, Malexa, who was abducted by cultists. He suspects that the cultists are nearby and indeed they are, hiding in the Ashalmawia Shrine to the west. Malexa can be found in a locked/trapped door near the altar area.

Where is ALD sotha Morrowind?

Vivec City
Ald Sotha is a Daedric Shrine dedicated to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon and is located just northeast of the Telvanni Canton in Vivec City.

Should I give Fargoth the ring?

The choice is to keep the ring, (though this is ill-advised as it is given back anyway during the next quest, Fargoth’s Hiding Place, and the quest can’t be completed), or give it back to him. Give it back and he will put in a good word for to Arrille of Arrille’s Tradehouse, the only trader in town.