Where is Suzanne Marques now?

Where is Suzanne Marques now?

Suzanne Marques is an American award-winning journalist, anchor and reporter currently working as the weekdays morning co-anchor of “CBS2 This Morning at 4:30 am, 5 am, 6 am and 11 am.” at KCBS | CBS in Los Angeles, California.

What happened to Marie Saavedra?

On October 11, 2020, Saavedra announced her decision to move on from WFAA-TV to CBS Chicago. Sunday, October 11, was her last day on air! Today is my last day on air for WFAA. The headline is I’m staying in journalism and have accepted a job closer to family, which has always been a goal of mine.

What nationality is Suzanne Le?

Suzanne Le Mignot/Nationality

Where has Audrina Bigos been?

CBS Chicago
Bigos is currently a morning anchor at CBS Chicago. Since joining the station in 2015, Bigos has been on the front line of some of the biggest breaking news stories in Chicago and around the country.

Was Danielle Gersh fired from CBS?

Instead of leaving her fans to guess what’s happened to her, meteorologist Danielle Gersh let her fans know that she left the network. Although Danielle made the announcement after the fact, she did say that April 23, 2021 was her last day with KCBS and let her fans know why she is making the change.

How many kids does Suzanne Marques have?

Marques was married to Robert Dourisboure and the couple is blessed with one son named Austin.

Is irika Sargent married?

Sargent is married to her husband, Dorian Orr. The lovely couple tied the knot on October 3, 2019, in front of close friends and family. Her husband, Dorian is an accomplished Chicago-based general manager working for the Microsoft Services User Experience.

What is Greg Fields net worth?

Greg has an estimated net worth of between $1 million-$5 Million dollars which he has earned through his successful career as a meteorologist.

Is Suzanne Le Mignot married?

Le Mignot, 47, has been with CBS 2 on a full-time basis since 1999, while Podesta joined ABC 7 as a per diem reporter in 2015 as Laura Thoren. After she married in 2016, she began going by the name Laura Podesta, and she left Channel 7 last fall to move to New York, where she now works for CBS Newspath.

Is Audrina Bigos still on Channel 2 news?

Audrina Bigos is an anchor on the CBS 2 morning news. Since joining, she has been on the front line of some of the biggest breaking news stories in Chicago. Bigos’ live coverage of major breaking stories has led to several regional Emmy nominations.

Where can I find Susan Koeppen on TV?

Besides CBS, she also impressed the viewers of WTAE-TV Pittsburgh, WHEC-TV Rochester, WKTV-TV Utica, and WNYT-TV Albany. Susan is passionate about Journalism and is always thrilled to cover the stories of her area.

When did Susan go back to work at KDKA?

After the horrifying incident, Susan decided to take a break from her professional life for three months. She started taking better care of her health and resumed her work at KDKA in January 2012. Even though she has not talked about her height, Susan, age 46, seems pretty tall.

What was the incident with Susan Koeppen on KDKA?

The incident was reported Saturday by KDKA, the Post-Gazette’s news partner, during its 11 p.m newscast. Ms. Koeppen told police she didn’t see the woman walking up a ramp, KDKA reported. The woman was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Where did Susan Boyle have her heart attack?

On top of that, her social media sites also contain no data about her birthplace and parents. In 2011, Susan suffered from a heart attack, which could have cost her her life. At the time of the attack, she was enjoying her marathon training with a group of her friends in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh.