Where does the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival take place?

Where does the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival take place?

The Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival is an annual musical get-together held in Sedalia, Missouri. Each year, over the first full weekend in June, the event celebrates the life and music of legendary musician and composer, Scott Joplin, whose work is more popular today than it was during his own lifetime.

What is a ragtime festival?

The four-day festival is packed with rattling good fun, concerts feature Ragtime Legends and Festival Favorites, the free open-air venues feature the up and coming ragtime performers, symposia provide insights into musicology and offer continuing education credits, special events include the Joplin Footsteps Tour and …

Is Scott Joplin dead?

Deceased (1868–1917)
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What did Scott Joplin’s parents do?

Giles Joplin
Florence Givens
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Why is Scott Joplin important?

Viewed as the “King of Ragtime,” Scott Joplin was the foremost composer of the genre in the early 20th century, known for works like “The Maple Leaf Rag” and “The Entertainer.”

When was Joplin born?

November 24, 1868
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What killed Scott Joplin?

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Jazz was starting to supplant ragtime in popularity by 1917, and Joplin had become ravaged by syphilis he contracted as a young man. Losing control of his hands and suffering from dementia, he was committed to the Manhattan State Hospital on Wards Island. He died in the asylum two months later, and was interred at St.

What is Scott Joplin’s name?

Scott Joplin, (born 1867/68, Texas, U.S.—died April 1, 1917, New York, New York), American composer and pianist known as the “king of ragtime” at the turn of the 20th century.

Was Scott Joplin African American?

An extraordinary Black composer, born the son of a labourer and former slave, Joplin was one of the most important and influential composers at the turn of the 20th century – one whose name is synonymous with an entire genre.

Was Scott Joplin’s parents musicians?

He also took lessons from a German-born music teacher named Julius Weiss. Joplin’s parents were both very musical. His father played the violin, and his mother sang and played the banjo. Joplin began performing as a musician when he was a teenager.