Where do I report a street light in Las Vegas?

Where do I report a street light in Las Vegas?

Southern Nevada

  • Clark County. (702) 455-6000.
  • City of Henderson. (702) 267-3200.
  • City of Las Vegas. View city boundaries at (702) 229-6075.
  • City of North Las Vegas. (702) 633-DARK (3275)

Who is in charge of street lights?

Who is responsible for the installation of Streetlights? The Bureau of Street Lighting (Department of Public Works) has overall responsibility for design, construction and operation of street lighting in Los Angeles.

How do I report a street light not working in Las Vegas?

Traffic lights in need of repair – 702-229-6075. Flood hazard zone inquiry line in city limits – 702-229-6541.

Who has the responsibility of replacing the street light?

Ans: It is the duty of the Municipal Corporation of the city to replace the streetlights.

How do I report illegal parking in Las Vegas?

To report a violation, call Parking Enforcement at 229-6432. Can I park or store a vehicle in the street? It is unlawful to abandon or park a vehicle in the street for more than 72 consecutive hours. Moving a vehicle every three (3) days a few feet will not avert a violation.

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