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Where can I see dolphins in Oahu?

Where can I see dolphins in Oahu?

They are located on the westside of Oahu in the town of Waianae. Waianae is the best place to swim with dolphins on Oahu, hands down. If you are looking to swim with dolphins Honolulu because you are staying there, you can’t really do that in the wild (at least not consistently).

Can you go whale watching in Oahu?

You can also spot whales from Oahu’s many beaches and from southeastern Oahu spots like the scenic Makapuu Lighthouse, Hanauma Bay, and along the seaside overlooks near Leahi (Diamond Head). Whale watching tours and cruises depart from various ports along Oahu’s southern and western harbors.

Can you ride a dolphin in Hawaii?

If you want to get to know dolphins in a more up-close-and-personal way, the Dolphin Swim Adventure is the right tour for you. A sea park with trained animals, the Sea Life Park gives you the opportunity to touch, ride on, and kiss the dolphins.

What island can you swim with dolphins in Hawaii?

Big Island
Dolphin Quest is the only dolphin interaction of its kind on Hawaii’s Big Island. Spend time with our marine mammal specialists and our dolphins and get to know these magnificent creatures in the comfort of a small group, creating the ideal, intimate experience that’s sure to be the highlight of your vacation.

What time of day are the whales most active in Oahu?

The whales are very active during the day, but reports have shown that early birds before 8:00 am, see more whales on average, but many others say they have seen more activity around sunset. The bottom line is that you should keep binoculars on, take a tour or listen to the songs of the whales all day long.

Is it illegal to swim with dolphins in Hawaii?

The new rule was announced on Tuesday and falls under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which prohibits the harassment of spinner dolphins. The rule prohibits people and vessels from coming within 50 yards of the mammal.