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Where can I find Rogek?

Where can I find Rogek?

Dust Town
Rogek is a casteless dwarf. He is located in the Dust Town and works as a lyrium smuggler.

Where is Godwin precious metals?

the Senior Mage Quarters
Deal with Godwin In the Senior Mage Quarters there is a closet that can be activated. Godwin is hiding in this closet and will come out to speak with the Warden. If the Broken Circle quest had already been completed, Godwin may be approached and spoken to at any time.

Where did Godwin go Dragon Age?

Dragon Age: Origins. During Uldred’s rebellion, Godwin hid from the battle in a closet. He can later be found in the Apprentice Quarters near the children. If the Warden sided with the mages, he can be found on the second floor, in the Senior Mage Quarters.

What helps Zerlinda?

If there is a chantry in Orzammar as part of The Chant in the Deep quest, the Warden can talk to Brother Burkel to give work to Zerlinda, food and shelter for the boy or accept her son as a ward. Zerlinda can also be advised to leave for the surface where she can have a normal life.

Where is the black grimoire in Dragon Age Origins?

Acquisition. Located inside the chest in Irving’s office in the Senior Mage Quarters, on the second floor of the Circle Tower.

Which are precious metals?

The four primary precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

How do you get a Chantry in Orzammar?

It is located in the Orzammar Commons next to Tapster’s Tavern after completing The Chant in the Deeps quest. Note: After completing The Chant in the Deeps you must leave the Commons then come back for the Orzammar chantry to be available.

Where is slim Couldry?

Denerim Market District
Slim Couldry can be found in the Denerim Market District.

Should I help behlen or Harrowmont?

Bhelen is generally a better leader than Harrowmont. He leads the dwarves into a renaissance of trade with the surface world. I pick Bhelen every time unless I’m playing a Dwarven noble.

What did Branka do?

Branka rose to the status of Paragon a little over a year after her marriage when she invented a smokeless coal that let the Smith caste increase their output by a third while at the same time decreased deaths from black-lung.

What to do with rogek in Dragon Age?

During combat, Rogek prefers to stay in distance and use his . If the Warden doesn’t have enough money before they approach Rogek, they have to either kill him or decline. If his offer is declined he walks away and the quest can no longer be completed.

What happens when you refuse to meet rogek?

There are four ways of completing the initial meeting with Rogek: Refuse and walk away. This gives you nothing and Rogek disappears. Refuse and try to turn Rogek in, causing Rogek and his bodyguards to attack with the reward of experience points and some money. This will result in the quest being inaccessible.

What happens when you turn Godwin and rogek in?

When trying to turn Godwin and Rogek in, the dialogue with Godwin gives the option to tell Greagoir about the operation. When talking to Greagoir, however, this option doesn’t appear. The quest stays active, and unable to be completed, as Godwin will be gone forever.