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Where can I catch up with Isibaya?

Where can I catch up with Isibaya?

Mzansi Magic
Isibaya is now in it’s 4th season. Tune in every Monday – Friday at 20:30 on Mzansi Magic.

How many episodes is Isibaya Season 1?

Season 1

Channel Premiere Episodes
Mzansi Magic 18 Mar 2013 208
Mzansi Wethu 05 May 2014 208

Why was Isibaya Cancelled?

Fans of the Mzansi Magic soapie Isibaya will have to wait a while longer to find out the fate of the popular show. On Monday the DailySun reported that the daily soap would not be renewed for a ninth season claiming the reason for the cancellation is because the show is not doing well in terms of viewership numbers.

What is going to replace Isibaya?

Now, Mzansi Magic has finally revealed that a new telenovela called DiepCity will be taking over from Isibaya and they’ve shared the first teaser video (see below). According to the channel, the new telenovela is about ‘crime, faded dreams and redemption for four young women forced into a life of crime in high school’.

Was Isibaya last episode?

April 2, 2021
Isibaya/Final episode date

Is Isibaya Showmax?

Isibaya – Showmax. In Thukela Valley, a century old feud between two powerful families tears a loving couple apart.

How many seasons is Isibaya?

Isibaya/Number of seasons

Is Diep city on Showmax?

One of the surprise hit shows to have launched this year was Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, DiepCity. Showmax currently has all of DStv’s most popular telenovelas.

Is Aubrey Poo leaving Isibaya?

It was a sad moment for his fans when he bid them goodbye. Aubrey said as much as he loved playing Gabriel, his time on Isidingo was done, and there was nothing more left for his character to do. His appearance will forever be missed.

When is the next episode of Isibaya coming out?

Isibaya teasers 06 May 2021 Latest Episode Today, watch Isibaya 06 May 2021 youtube video . Watch the South African TV Drama isibaya latest episode YouTube video in Hd Quality. You May also download it’s…

Who are the actors in the soap opera Isibaya?

Isibaya is a South African soap opera created by Angus Gibson, Catherine Stewart, Teboho Mahlatsi and Desireé Maarkgraaf and produced by The Bomb Shelter which depicts the battle for wealth and power between the Zungus and the Ndlovus, two rival families living in Thukela Valley, and set against the backdrop of the South African taxi industry.

Where does the story of Isibaya take place?

Isibaya is set set on the backdrop of the taxi industry, with two young lovers who are torn apart by a century-old feud between two powerful families. From a valley long divided by too little resources, the bitter feud continues in Egoli. Here are the movies we’re most excited for in 2021.

Who are the wives of Mpiyakhe in Isibaya?

She is loyal, traditional and under the tough exterior warm-hearted. Mpiyakhe’s two rural wives run the Bhubusini compound. Mpiyakhe lives in Soweto with his fourth wife, Iris, a beautiful but scheming and manipulative woman.