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Where can I buy a Miller MIG welder?

Where can I buy a Miller MIG welder?

Whether you are new to the game and looking to purchase your first MIG machine or are a seasoned vet who needs a replacement, eBay has a large selection of Miller equipment to satisfy jobs both big and small. What kinds of MIG equipment does Miller offer? Miller has five different models of MIG equipment to choose from.

How much is a 10 year old Millermatic 185 worth?

The 185 had a 150A @ 60% duty cycle and had a max output of 185A so basically the Miller 180’s peak amperage with a Miller 212’s duty cycle. With the current Miller Golden Ticket offers a new 211 will be a ~$950 proposition which to me makes a 10+ year old bare 185 for $700 a tough sell in my mind.

When was the Millermatic 185 heavy duty machine made?

The millermatic 185 was made back in the late 90’s IIRC. It is a heavy duty machine (READ LARGE) with a higher duty cycle than the 211. I think the price was about 1700. If in good shape, 700 seens like a good deal! You can get the serial number from the seller and plug it in on and it will tell you what year it was made.

What kind of engine does a Miller welder have?

Visit your account to view and manage your saved searches. 2014 Miller Trailblazer 325 Diesel Engine… 2014 Miller Big Blue 400 Eco Pro 400 A Mobile… 2013 Miller Wildcat 200 200 A Skid-Mounted… Miller Bobcat 225G Engine Driven Welder… 2002 Miller Millermatic 210 31 A Mobile MIG… 2012 Miller Bobcat 250 Multi-Process Engine…

How much does a Miller mp45e welder cost?

Buyer’s premium included in price USD $10 Miller MP45E Welder with leads All equipment must be removed by May 21st 2021 from the auction site. Buyers Premium Is 5% Capped At $1500 Per Lot

How old is the Miller deltaweld 652 arc welder?

Only 1 left! Miller Deltaweld 652, As Is, Unknow functionality. Miller is an industry leader in welding technology and has been making MIG, TIG, stick, flux core, and other arc machines for the past 90 years.

How much does a Miller Big Blue 500 welder cost?

2016 MILLER big blue 500, big blue 500 (Perkins) Clean, quiet, Multiprocess machine delivers up to 500 amps of welding power with an EPA Tier 4 Final * Price may not include government fees; tax; tags etc. Call for more info.