Where are OMP suits made?

Where are OMP suits made?

Most suits can be made to your exact measurements. The suit is hand made at OMP in Italy to your exact measurements. Printing or embroidery of logos can also be included, see ‘Custom Suits’ for this service.

Where is OMP Racing located?

Genoa, Italy
OMP Racing Spa (Officine Meccaniche Percivale) is a manufacturer of motorsport safety equipment and racing car accessories founded in 1973 and based in the area of Genoa, Italy.

Is a karting suit fireproof?

Suits used for kart racing are not typically fire retardant, but rather are made to be abrasion resistant using leather, nylon or cordura. Fire-resistant undergarments are optional to provide fire protection. The Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK) and FIA regulate specifications for karting suits.

Who owns OMP Racing?

SAYE Group
Since 2008 the control of the company has been acquired by SAYE Group.

What are F1 race suits made of?

The race suits are made from three layers of Nomex, a high-tech material that can resist exposure to a direct flame for 15 seconds. Each driver has four suits per weekend, and will use 30 each year. They add fireproof underwear for extra protection.

What are Nascar suits made of?

The suit is made out of either Proban or the same Nomex material that lines the inside of the driver’s helmet. As mentioned before, Nomex is a fire-retardant material that protects the driver and crew if there is a flash fire in the pits or a fire resulting from a crash.

Who makes F1 suits?

Race bred technology – PUMA’s involvement with F1, WRC, and Touring Car disciplines of World Motorsport competition has distinguished PUMA as the design and technological leader in Motorsports today.

What are F1 racing suits made from?

Nomex material
Taking the safety aspects first, the suit is made from Nomex material, a fireproof material developed by Dupont. This material superseded equally fireproof materials that existed before, but these tended to be cotton with fireproof treatments.

Who makes F1 racing suits?

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