When was chatteris founded?

When was chatteris founded?

Chatteris Abbey in Chatteris in the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire was founded as a monastery for Benedictine nuns in 1016 by Ednoth, Bishop of Dorchester.

Is chatteris a nice place to live?

Chatteris is a great place to live, work and visit. The safe and friendly environment of this growing town is ideal for young families and new businesses. Although not large, Chatteris can boast a good range of amenities, catering for the needs of its citizens and visitors alike.

What council is chatteris in?

Settlements in Fenland District Its council covers the market towns of Chatteris, March and Whittlesey and Wisbech; the last is often called the “Capital of the Fens”.

What is the population of March Cambridgeshire?

March, Cambridgeshire

Population 22,298 (2011)
OS grid reference TL4196
Civil parish March
District Fenland

What is in Chatteris?

Best Things To Do & Days Out In Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

  • Cambridgeshire, March. Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard. Parks and Playgrounds, Outdoor.
  • Cambridgeshire, Ely. Witcham Equestrian Centre.
  • Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon. Lakeside Lodge Golf and Bowling.
  • Cambridgeshire, Ramsey. Ramsey Rural Museum.

Is Chatteris safe?

Chatteris Crime Overview Chatteris is among the top 10 most dangerous small towns in Cambridgeshire, and is the 60th most dangerous overall out of Cambridgeshire’s 265 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Chatteris in 2020 was 57 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Chatteris rough?

Where is the Fens in UK?

Fens, also called Fenland, natural region of about 15,500 sq mi (40,100 sq km) of reclaimed marshland in eastern England, extending north to south between Lincoln and Cambridge.

Is March Cambridgeshire safe?

The overall crime rate in March in 2020 was 76 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares poorly to Cambridgeshire’s overall crime rate, coming in 6% higher than the Cambridgeshire rate of 71 per 1,000 residents.

When was March bypass built?

25 years ago, the new £16.5 million A11 Wymondham bypass opened, ending years of congestion through the town – a notorious bottleneck and accident blackspot. On March 22, 1996, the 5.4 mile stretch of dual carriageway opened after three years of work – running from the Norwich side of Wymondham to the A11 at Besthorpe.

Where does the name chatteris come from?

Chatteris’s name probably derives from the Celtic Cedrid – Ced meaning a wood and Rid, a ford, although it may also derive from “cader”, meaning hill fort, suggesting a similar site to the nearby Stonea Camp. The town was mentioned in the Domesday Book as “Cetriz” and “Cateriz”.

When did the first people come to Chatteris?

Chatteris has been inhabited since the very earliest humans came to Britain. We have flint tools dating back 780,000 years. Our Museum also has some very rare bronze age weapons and a shield. Chatteris was an Island surrounded by salt marshes and fresh water channels which formed what we call the Fens in Neolithic times.

Where was Chatteris located in the Middle Ages?

Chatteris was an Island surrounded by salt marshes and fresh water channels which formed what we call the Fens in Neolithic times. The sea eventually encroached inland as far south as Denny Abbey, just north of Cambridge.

When was the March and Chatteris Advertiser published?

1872–73 The March and Chatteris advertiser. 1873–78 The Isle of Ely gazette. 1878–89 The Cambridgeshire times and March gazette. This newspaper is published by Archant in March, Cambridgeshire, England . It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Mar 19, 2018 .

How many people lived in Chatteris in 1563?

In 1563 (fn. 8) there were 206 householders in Chatteris, a figure comparable with the undivided parish of Doddington (201) and Haddenham (188), and much below that for Whittlesey (355) and Ely with its hamlets (400). Chatteris must then have contained about 1,000 inhabitants.