When did the Olympic torch relay start?

When did the Olympic torch relay start?

1936 Summer Olympics torch relay

1936 Summer Olympics torch relay on a German stamp
Host city Berlin, Germany
Torch bearers 3,331
Start date 20 July 1936
End date 1 August 1936

What is the history of the Olympic torch relay?

Conceived by Dr. Carl Diem of Germany, the modern Torch Relay was inspired by ancient Greek drawings and the writings of Plutarch. Diem created the first relay from Olympia to Berlin as part of the Opening Ceremony of the 1936 Olympic Games. The Olympic flame symbolizes the light of spirit, knowledge and life.

What is the purpose of the Olympic torch relay?

A modern invention inspired by practices from ancient Greece, the Olympic Torch Relay heralds the start of the Olympic Games and transmits a message of peace and friendship along its route.

How do they keep the Olympic torch lit?

A parabolic mirror and the sun’s heat are used to light the awaiting torch (and if the day of the lighting isn’t particularly sunny, officials will pull out a backup flame, lit using the same method a day or two earlier). Usually, it’s the torch that gets most of the attention on the relay around the world.

Where do they keep the Olympic flame?

A burning flame has been part of the modern Olympics since 1928, but the tradition goes all the way back to the ancient Games in Greece. So the Olympic flame lighting ceremony, which was first incorporated along with the torch relay for the 1936 Berlin Games, is held at the ancient Olympic site of Olympia in Greece.

Where did the first Olympic torch relay take place?

e. The Olympic torch relay is the ceremonial relaying of the Olympic flame from Olympia, Greece, to the site of an Olympic Games. It was first performed at the 1936 Summer Olympics, and has taken place prior to every Games since. Although in the past some Olympic organizing committees organized torch relays which encompassed multiple countries,

Why was Kondylis not in the Olympic torch relay?

Dissatisfied with the footage of the actual lighting ceremony in Olympia and believing that Kondylis did not resemble the ideal of an Olympic torchbearer from antiquity—had such a thing existed—the director brought another relay runner to Berlin after the Summer Games to stage the version of the torch lighting that appears in the movie.

How is the Olympic torch lit before the ceremony?

As a precaution, on a sunny rehearsal day before the official ceremony, a flame is lit according to the traditional method. In this way, even if the sun is not out on the day of the ceremony, the torch can be lit from this flame, which is kept in a security lamp.

Where did the Olympic flame go for the first time?

The Olympic flame and The TOrch relay The relay aT The mOdern Olympic Games 10. The flame in the air, through the air and in space! The flame made its first trip in an aeroplane (Oslo 1952). The flame travelled faster than the speed of sound on its journey from Athens to Paris – on Concorde (Albertville 1992).