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What year did penhorn mall close?

What year did penhorn mall close?

Text: The Sears at Penhorn Mall has announced it will be shutting its doors in September 2017. Last month, Sears Canada reported a $91.6 million loss in its latest quarter, which resulted in a warning from the chain and department store that cuts could be on the way.

When did Sears close in Dartmouth?

A company spokesperson confirmed to Dartmouth Week the store would indeed close in the fall of 2019 on January 29, following rumors of the store’s closure.

When did Sears close in Nova Scotia?

In 2018, Sears closed its doors permanently, ending the 99-year reign of department stores in Halifax’s West End.

When did Eaton’s close in Halifax?

Several stores were re-opened by Sears under the eatons brand, but all were converted to Sears stores or shut down in 2002. The T. Eaton Company Limited, commonly known as Eaton’s, was a Canadian department store chain that was once Canada’s largest.

When was the Halifax Shopping Centre built?

September 11, 1962
Halifax Shopping Centre/Opened

When did Simpsons Close in Canada?

In 1952 Simpson’s started a 50-50 joint venture in Canada named Simpsons-Sears Limited (later Sears Canada) with Sears, Roebuck, the American retailer….Simpsons (department store)

Type Private (until 1978) Subsidiary (1978–1991)
Defunct 1991
Fate Converted to The Bay
Successor The Bay
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario , Canada

When did Eaton’s close in Canada?


Trade name Eaton’s
Defunct 1999 as a company 2002 as a brand
Fate Filed for bankruptcy; assets were purchased by Sears Canada in 1999. Several stores were re-opened by Sears under the eatons brand, but all were converted to Sears stores or shut down in 2002.
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario (with stores across Canada)

Who owns the Halifax Shopping Centre?

OPB Realty Inc.
Halifax Shopping Centre

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Address 7001 Mumford Road
Opening date September 11, 1962
Management Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services Inc.
Owner OPB Realty Inc.

Is the Sears store at Dartmouth Mall closing?

The Sears store at the Dartmouth Mall. One of the Dartmouth Mall’s only remaining original anchor stores is closing: Sears, but it will not remain vacant for long.

How big is the Burlington store at Dartmouth Mall?

PREIT, the owners of the Dartmouth Mall, announced on June 19 a Burlington will open in part of the vacated space. The store will occupy 43,000 square feet of the former anchor store, and offer its array of coats, clothing, shoes, and home decor.

Is there a liquidation sale at Dartmouth Mall?

Last week marked the beginning of the end for the struggling retail chain’s Dartmouth location, as liquidation sale signs blanketed the store and workers held signs alerting shoppers to the blowout sale from Route 6 along the mall. Inside the store, prices on remaining inventory have been slashed from ten to 40 percent off.