What was the movie Coffy about?

What was the movie Coffy about?

As a nurse, Coffy (Pam Grier) has seen the ill effects of drugs up close, but it isn’t until her little sister becomes addicted to heroin that she finally decides to wage a one-woman battle. Disguised as a prostitute, Coffy goes on a killing rampage, at first going after street dealers and pimps such as sleazy King George (Robert DoQui), then gradually working her way up to bigger honchos. She’s shocked, however, when she discovers that her politician boyfriend (Booker Bradshaw) is involved.
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Does Netflix have Coffy?

Sorry, Coffy is not available on American Netflix.

What happened to Coffy?

On 19 October 1763, it was reported to the governor that Captains Atta had revolted against Coffy, and that Coffy had committed suicide.

Who played King George in the movie coffee?

Robert DoQui: King George.

When did the movie Coffy come out?

June 13, 1973 (USA)
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What is the best blaxploitation film?

These are the best blaxploitation movies.

  • Blackenstein (1973) Image via Getty/John D.
  • Blacula (1972) Image via Getty/John D.
  • Petey Wheatstraw (1977) Image via Publicist.
  • That Man Bolt (1973)
  • Friday Foster (1975)
  • The Legend of Nigger Charley (1972)
  • Black Caesar (1973)
  • Willie Dynamite (1974)

When did the movie coffee come out?

Coffy (1973) – IMDb.

Who was Coffy?

The story is about a black female vigilante played by Pam Grier who seeks violent revenge against a heroin dealer responsible for her sister’s addiction….

Directed by Jack Hill
Written by Jack Hill
Produced by Robert Papazian
Starring Pam Grier Booker Bradshaw Robert DoQui William Elliott Allan Arbus Sid Haig

What year did the movie Coffy come out?

How old is Jackie Brown?

44 years old
Jackie Brown, 44 years old, is an attendant on the worst airline in North America, and supplements her meager salary by smuggling cash from Mexico to Los Angeles for Ordell, who is a gun dealer. Beaumont (Chris Tucker), one of Ordell’s hirelings, gets busted by an ATF agent (Keaton) and a local cop (Michael Bowen).

What was the purpose of the blaxploitation films of the 1970s?

The range of blaxploitation films written, produced, and showed in the 1970s are an interesting look into racial politics at the time. The film industry exploited themes of “sticking it to The Man,” to attract black audiences, while also creating negative stereotypes that harmed the community.

Is Friday a blaxploitation film?

In her last film with American International Pictures (the company behind some of the best films in the blaxploitation genre), Grier plays Friday Foster, a fashion photojournalist sent on an assignment to photograph the Los Angeles arrival of the richest Black man in America, Blake Tarr (Thalmus Rasulala).