What was 1966 Cup final score?

What was 1966 Cup final score?

The 1966 FIFA World Cup Final was a football match played at Wembley Stadium, London, on 30 July 1966 to determine the winner of the 1966 FIFA World Cup, the eighth FIFA World Cup. The match was contested by England and West Germany, with England winning 4–2 after extra time to claim the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Who scored the winner in the 1966 World Cup?

The England squad was led by team captain, central defender Bobby Moore and the winning goals were scored by just two players; Martin Peters and legendary hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst. Hurst sealed England’s victory that day, scoring the two extra-time goals that won England the 1966 World Cup title.

Who were the semifinalists in the 1966 World Cup?

The top two teams from each group (eight in total) advanced to the knockout stage to compete in a single-elimination style tournament….Qualified teams.

Group Winners Runners-up
1 England Uruguay
2 West Germany Argentina
3 Portugal Hungary
4 Soviet Union North Korea

How many of the England 1966 World Cup team are still alive?

And now there are just three. The death on Monday of Roger Hunt leaves only Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Bobby Charlton and George Cohen from the team that started the 1966 World Cup final and reinforces the increasingly sad realisation that our greatest football achievement is fading ever further into history.

Who scored the first goal for England in the 1966 World Cup?

Geoff Hurst
In the 19th minute, Wolfgang Overath conceded a free kick, which Bobby Moore took immediately, floating a cross into the West German area, where Geoff Hurst rose unchallenged and leveled the score 1-1 with a downward glancing header.

Did England ever win World Cup?

They have won one World Cup, in 1966 on home soil, and since they first entered in 1950 have played in 15 of the 18 finals tournaments to 2018; they were knocked out in qualifying tournaments for 1974, 1978, and 1994.

How many England 1966 players have died?

Who scored the most goals in a World Cup final?

The record for the most goals at a single World Cup is 13 by Frenchman Just Fontaine in 1958, which he achieved in six games. The overall top goal scorer in the Wolrd Cup is German player Miroslav Klose, who has scored 16 goals overall. See the list of World Cup Top Goal Scorers.

Who is the best goal in football?

Goals: The Top 10 Goals Of All Time

  • Trevor Sinclair’s bicycle kick for QPR in 1997.
  • Carlos Alberto for Brazil against Italy in the 1970 World Cup.
  • Zinedine Zidane’s left foot volley in the Champions League final in 2002.
  • Geoff Hurst for England against Germany in the World Cup final in 1966.

Who was the winner of the 1966 World Cup?

11 July – 30 July 1966 FIFA World Cup England™ Overview Match Center Teams 1966 FIFA World Cup England™ Final Tournament Standing 1 Winner England 2 Runner-up Germany FR 3 Third place

Who was the top goal scorer in 1966?

Statistical information with complete list of players who scored goals in the 1966 Football World Cup with name, national team, games played, goal average and more information, ordered by more goals scored. 1. 2. 3. 7. 13. 18.

What was England’s formation in the 1966 World Cup?

The England team became known as the “wingless wonders”, on account of their then-unconventional narrow attacking formation, described at the time as a 4–4–2. In addition to an attendance of 96,924 at the stadium, the British television audience peaked at 32.3 million viewers, making it the United Kingdom’s most-watched television event ever.

Why was the 1966 World Cup final shown in black and white?

The final, which was broadcast locally by the BBC, was the last to be shown entirely in black and white. Thirty-one Asian nations boycotted the World Cup, having objected to the amount of guaranteed placings at the finals.