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What type of book is homecoming?

What type of book is homecoming?

Young adult fiction

What is the summary of homecoming?

Homecoming is a story about the Tillerman siblings in their journey to find a home and the strength they gain through the challenges they face. Dicey is 13 and a natural born leader. James is 10 and strong yet also very smart. Maybeth, who at 9 is very shy, but also kindhearted.

What age is the book homecoming for?

Homecoming is a good book. I recommend it to 11 year olds and up. The book is mainly about four children who are abandoned by their mother and so they have to travel many different places just to find a home.

How many pages are in the homecoming book?

312 pp
Homecoming is a 1981 young adult novel by American children’s author Cynthia Voigt. It is the first of seven novels in the Tillerman Cycle. It was adapted into a television film….Homecoming (novel)

Author Cynthia Voigt
Pages 312 pp
ISBN 0689308337
OCLC 1015947458
Followed by Dicey’s Song

Who is the main character of story homecoming?

Dicey Tillerman
Dicey Tillerman The novel’s protagonist. Dicey is a thirteen-year-old girl with a haircut that makes her look like a boy and a fierce determination to survive and keep her family together.

Is Homegoing appropriate for teens?

Supporting the national Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in reading literature for high school curriculums, Homegoing is an appropriate selection for grades eleven and twelve in language arts or and world history classes.

What happened to the mom in homecoming?

Turns out Momma was on the edge of a total mental breakdown. After Liza leaves the kids in the parking lot in Peewauket, she wanders off until she winds up in a mental hospital in Massachusetts. The doctors believe that she’s in a cationic state since she won’t respond to anyone or anything. Whoa—that’s heavy.

Who is the hero of the homecoming?

The play concerns Teddy’s and Ruth’s “homecoming,” which has distinctly different symbolic and thematic implications….

The Homecoming
First edition (publ. Methuen & Co. Ltd.)
Written by Harold Pinter
Characters Max Lenny Sam Joey Teddy Ruth
Date premiered 3 June 1965

What is the theme of the homecoming?

The Homecoming does in fact deal with many themes, such as emotional impotence, Oedipal desires, personal loneliness and isolation, appearance and reality, and familial power struggles, to mention a few; and, audiences and critics alike sensed that there is a great deal more going on in the play than can be easily …

Is homegoing a true story?

Scott writes that Gyasi returned to her native Ghana after her sophomore year at Stanford to do research for a novel on a mother and daughter: But her time in the Central Region where Gyasi’s mother had grown up hadn’t revealed much to base a book on.

Why is Marcus afraid of water?

Marcus explains that he’s afraid of the ocean because he has no idea where it begins. Again, Marcus’s description relates the ocean to a fear of lost heritage: just as he doesn’t know where the ocean begins, he and his family don’t know the beginning of their own story.