What tape does the Brother P-Touch Cube use?

What tape does the Brother P-Touch Cube use?

LM Tape – Replacement 1/4″ Black on White P-touch Tape for P-touch Cube. This great label tape is 1/4″ (6mm) x 26.2′ in length and used in the Brother P-touch Cube p-touch label maker. The compatible TZe-211 p-touch tape is laminated and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Is TZe tape waterproof?

Laminated tape – TZe Series Tapes: Laminated tape sticks to virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because it’s water resistant, it can be used outdoors, as well as indoors.

What label maker uses TZe tape?

Brother Genuine
Brother Genuine TZe Label Tapes are engineered to print high quality labels with your P-touch Label Maker. Protect your investment by using Brother Genuine label tapes….

Color Black on White
Finish Type Laminated

What does non laminated tape mean?

Hi, “non-laminated” labels mean there is NO glossy thin and transparent polyester on the surfaces of the labels. The original Brother M labels are also non-laminated. Without the laminated material, the M tapes can’t withstand the water, chemical, oil, temperature very well.

What is the difference between P-touch TZ and TZe?

TZe tapes are more environmental friendly; plastic weight reduced by 15%, contains 5% recycled plastic, smaller packaging, and energy efficient film ribbon. TZe tapes can be used in place of TZ tapes.

Are p-touch labels removable?

Removable adhesive labels can be cleanly removed from several, flat, smooth surfaces. Make sign and banner creation a breeze. If you need your labels to stay in place until they are manually removed, the Brother P-Touch paper tape roll is a great choice for you.

How do I get automatic labeler to stop printing large left margin?

How do I eliminate the margin from the start or end of my label when printing?

  1. Press the [Label] key ( / ).
  2. Press the arrow key or. to select “Margin”.
  3. Press the arrow key or. to select “Narrow”.
  4. Press the [OK] key ( ) or [Enter] key ( / ). This eliminates the margin at the end of the tape after printing as shown below:

How do you adjust p-touch labeler margins?

How do I adjust the tape margins?

  1. Press the Fn (Function) key.
  2. Press the LEFT or the RIGHT arrow key until Margin is displayed.
  3. Press the OK key; the current margin setting will be on the display.
  4. There are four options, Full, Half, Narrow, and Chain Print.
  5. Full – The label will have a one-inch left and right margin.

Which is better Dymo vs brother?

While using the Brother is less pleasant than the Dymo, its labels did survive our dishwasher test, whereas the Dymo’s all peeled off before the cycle was finished. So if you’re going to be printing labels to slap on your water bottles and food storage containers, the Brother is a better choice.

What is the difference between P touch TZ and TZe?

How big is the brother P touch tape?

Brother TZe-231 1/2 In. Black on White P-Touch Label Tape 12mm TZ-231 Brother TZe-2312PK 1/2 In. Black on White P-Touch Label Tape 2/Pack – Free Shipping! Brother TZe-251 1 In. Black On White P-touch Tape Brother TZe-241 3/4 In. Black On White P-touch Tape Brother TZe-221 3/8 In. Black On White P-touch Tape Brother TZe-131 1/2 In.

What can you use extra strength p touch tape for?

This specially designed tape can be used for telecom and datacome applications. Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are perfect for textured and hard to stick surfaces. Extra Strength industrial tape has up to twice the adhesive strength than regular P-touch Tape. It can be used on a much wider range of surfaces and materials.

How does brother P touch laminated label work?

Results prove that Brother P-touch laminated labels out perform competitor labels, staying legible and affixed, so you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last. And Brother can prove it. The following will show you exactly p-touch labels are tested to the extreme.

How to order p-Touch labels and Tze tapes?

Easily find the tape that matches your printer using our handy tape guides. Standard P-touch TZe Tapes & Replacement Labels – Just click a tape number. FAST, Same Day SHIPPING! Orders placed by 3pm EST ship same day!