What size is #2 welding cable?

What size is #2 welding cable?


Gauge Max Amps Conductor Diameter (in.)
2 AWG 205 0.3
1 AWG 240 0.343
1/0 285 0.373
2/0 325 0.426

How many AMPs will 2 0 welding cable carry?


50′ 225′
100 #4 2/0
150 #2 4/0
200 #2 250

What is the difference between 1 0 and 2 0 welding cable?

AWG categories work like this: The smaller the diameter of the cable, the higher the AWG rating. In essence, gauge sizes that are larger than one either have a 0 rating of 1/0, and two zeros are marked as 2/0, etc. The most common cable used for welding is the 4 gauge (4/0) cable.

How do I choose a welding cable size?

To choose the right size welding cable, you need to know the current levels you’ll be working with. The more amps you use, the bigger welding cable you’ll need. Think of the welding cable like a hose. The more water you need to carry through, the bigger the hose you would use.

What size cable do I need for my welder?

It’s always best to size welder circuits and wiring based on the input current requirements of the welder. For example, 240-volt, 40- to 50-input amp welders will require a 50-amp circuit breaker and 6-gauge wiring. Welders operating at 30 to 40 input amps require a 40-amp breaker and 8-gauge wire.

What size wire do you need for welding leads?

Cable sizes between #4 and #4/0 are typically used for welding cable.

How tall is a 2.0 AWG welding cable?

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Are there any welding cable connectors left in stock?

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Are there any quick connectors for a welder?

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What kind of power supply does welding use?

Secondary voltage resistance welding leads. Power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts AC. Good flexibility. Abrasion-resistant. Good color retention. Premium-grade 90ºC EPDM, black or red.