What should I build against Meepo?

What should I build against Meepo?


  • Black King Bar can protect a hero from Poof and Earthbind.
  • Butterfly greatly improves survivability against Meepo, as he can’t effectively counter evasion.
  • Scythe of Vyse, Orchid Malevolence, and. Abyssal Blade can disable a lone Meepo from escaping with Poof.
  • Manta Style, Lotus Orb, and.

What is Meepo DOTA?

Meepo, the Geomancer, is a melee agility hero who is notorious for being one of the most difficult carries in the game to play effectively due to his heavy reliance on micromanagement.

What makes Meepo so unique in Dota 2?

While it may sound unfair for a single hero to have that kind of impact, Meepo is far from being a “solo” hero. His ability to clone himself up to four times makes him one of the game’s most unique heroes. Each of Meepo’s clones can cast abilities and gain experience, allowing Meepo to out-level anyone on the map.

What happens to Meepo in the late game?

If Meepo fails to end a game in a timely fashion, his enemies may catch up on farm and even counter him completely. Itemizing and skilling your Meepo in the most optimized way possible will allow you to withstand pressure in the late game. Meepo, with the right items, can still bring a game home even in the late-game.

What’s the best way to use poof on Meepo?

Whether it be offensive or defensive, the blink dagger can be a great tool for meepo. Here’s the basic technique. activate Poof on all your original meepo, then blink in. If timed correctly when your hero meepo arrives next to the hero you are ganking, the clones will also arrive with a lot of damage.

What kind of spells do you get with Meepo?

Meepo runs out of slots quite fast. Any items that gives you a useful buff and doesn’t take space in your inventory will always fit perfectly into your build. Introduced with the Mistwood patch, Meepo’s Aghanim’s Shard upgrades his third spell, Ransack.