What kind of cut is a cabochon stone?

What kind of cut is a cabochon stone?

A cabochon is a style of polished gemstone, cut and polished into a round or oval shape. This is in contrast to faceting the gemstone.

How are cabochons used in the jewelry industry?

In the jewelry-making industry, gemstone cabochons are one of the famous and widely used materials in making jewelry pieces; thus, the demand for gemstone cabochons is steadily considerable and surging. Cabochons are highly polished gemstones, usually with convex or rounded tops and with flat backs.

How many types of cabochons are there in the world?

With over 40 main gemstone types to choose from, our cabochon collections only have the best pieces and a wide array of choices in stock for you to choose from. We got translucent, as well as opaque, cabochons that are uniquely stunning in their own ways, and they come in different hues and pattern presentations.

What kind of ring is a cabochon Opal?

Cabochon Opal and diamond ring, re-modelled from an heirloom ring. There are many descriptive names. For example, Low Dome, High Dome, Cone, Bullet and Double Bevel.

Where can I get a cabochon for jewelry?

We call this service the Rio Grande Gem Source and it’s your personalized service to help you find the perfect cabochon for your jewelry design. The Rio Grande Gem Source can source any cabochon you’re looking for—and answer any questions along the way.

What’s the difference between a cabochon and a diamond?

Rather than sparkle, Cabochons captivate by enhancing colour, reflection or translucence over a domed surface. The dictionary definition describes a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form polished but not cut into facets. Citrine cabochon gemstone, shown here set into a Citrine and diamond ring, one of our special ‘Next Day’ offers.