What is wittily mean?

What is wittily mean?

1 : marked by or full of clever humor or wit : smartly facetious or jocular a witty novel. 2 : quick or ready to see or express illuminating or amusing relationships or insights a witty raconteur.

What is the adjective form of witty?

witty. (obsolete) Wise, having good judgement. (archaic) Possessing a strong intellect or intellectual capacity; intelligent, skilful, ingenious. Clever; amusingly ingenious. Full of wit.

What is the comparative and superlative of witty?

(wɪti ) Word forms: comparative wittier , superlative wittiest. adjective.

What is the adverb for witty?

wittily adverb
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwit‧ty /ˈwɪti/ ●○○ adjective using words in a clever and amusing way witty remarks Laura’s very witty. ► see thesaurus at funny —wittily adverb —wittiness noun [uncountable]Examples from the Corpuswitty• Sam is intelligent, witty, and great fun to be with.

What is Betty?

: a dessert made of alternate layers of fruit and buttered crumbs, sugar, and spices baked in a large baking dish or in individual dishes cranberry Betty specifically : brown betty.

How do you describe wits?

Wit is a form of intelligent humour, the ability to say or write things that are clever and usually funny. Someone witty is a person who is skilled at making clever and funny remarks. Forms of wit include the quip, repartee, and wisecrack.

How do you describe someone’s wit?

Wit is the ability to use words or ideas in an amusing, clever, and imaginative way. Boulding was known for his biting wit. If you say that someone has the wit to do something, you mean that they have the intelligence and understanding to make the right decision or take the right action in a particular situation.

What is superlative degree of pretty?

The superlative form of pretty; most pretty.

What is the adjective of anxiety?

uncountable] anxious is an adjective, anxiously is an adverb, anxiety is a noun:I was anxious about the results.

Is wittiness a adjective?

adjective, wit·ti·er, wit·ti·est. possessing wit in speech or writing; amusingly clever in perception and expression: a witty writer.

What’s the difference between a witty and a funny remark?

Witty refers to showing quick and inventive verbal humor whereas funny refers to causing laughter or amusement. Another important difference between witty and funny is that witty remarks may not always cause laughter or amusement while funny people’s comments or situations do.

Which is the best definition of the word’wittingly’?

‘Thus, he argues that […] the Honorable Court’s power to suspend pendente lite may wittingly or unwittingly be used by political interests for political purposes,’ it added.

Which is the best definition of the word wit?

Demonstrating wit in expression, especially in speech or writing; clever and humorous: a witty commentator on the political scene. 2. Characterized by or having the nature of wit; funny or jocular: a witty saying. 3. Entertainingly and strikingly clever or original in concept, design, or performance: a witty sculpture; witty choreography.