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What is Type B gas vent pipe used for?

What is Type B gas vent pipe used for?

Properly installed, the vent cannot come apart through vibration, and offers protection against vent failure or fire hazard. Type B Gas Vent is designed for negative pressure applications and flue gas temperatures not exceeding 400°F above ambient for Category I appliances.

What is the outside diameter of B vent?

4.5 Inch
Gas Vent Pipe; Type Type B Gas Vent, Double Wall, Round; Size 4 Inch Inner Diameter x 4.5 Inch Outer Diameter; Length 36 Inch; End Type Lock Ring; Material Thickness 0.012 Inch (Inner Wall), 0.018 Inch (Outer Wall); Material Aluminum (Inner Wall), G90 Galvanized Steel (Outer Wall); Temperature Rating 400 Deg F; …

What is the outside diameter of 4 B vent pipe?

This Aluminum 60 Inch Length Round Rigid Pipe with 4 Inch Inner Diameter from the Round Gas Vent series is a Type B gas component and consists of the duralock system for a tight seal….Dimensions and Measurements.

Height 60 in.
Outer Pipe Gauge 28
Pipe Inside Diameter 4 in.
Product Weight 37 lbs.
Vent Pipe Size 4

What is the outside diameter of 6 B vent?

Dimensions and Measurements

Height 12 in.
Inner Pipe Gauge 28
Length 10, 3 in.
Outer Pipe Gauge 28
Pipe Inside Diameter 6 in.

Is B Vent double wall?

AmeriVent Type B gas vent uses a double wall of metal pipe for insulation and safety. The inner pipe of reflecting aluminum heats quickly, containing the warm flue gases inside. The airspace between the inner and the outer pipes provides insulation against heat loss to keep the warmer flue gases on the rise.

How hot does B vent pipe get?

480° F
Type B Vents any appliance that produces flue gasses that exceed 480° F (249° C).

What is the duravent Type B gas vent?

DuraVent’s innovative system for a lock-tight connection for Type B Gas Vent called DuraLock. See the alignment indicators meet; feel the ends grasp together; hear the snap as the connection firmly locks into place. DuraVent Type B Gas Vent is designed to meet the rugged demands of the job site.

What kind of venting system is Type B?

The Type B designation is assigned to gas venting systems that meet the safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

How to install a type B gas vent?

Installation Key 1 DuraCap 2 Storm Collar 3 Roof Flashing 4 High-Wind Cap 5 Round Pipe

What kind of gas vent does amerivent use?

Featuring Snap-Lock joints that are quick and easy to disconnect, the AmeriVent Type B gas vent system is lightweight with no sacrifice in strength, and is available in large sizes, adjustable components, and multi-story Type BW venting installation. other appliances listed to be used with Type B Gas Vent. Fuel Chimneys catalog.