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What is the smell of gold angel Victoria Secret?

What is the smell of gold angel Victoria Secret?

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold is a new fragrance from the Victoria’s Secret Angel collection, launched in autumn 2012. The fragrance invites you to take the stage, steal the spotlight and to make every day runway-worthy. It is a sexy blend of sparkling bergamot, lush gardenia and musk.

What does Victoria Secret angel perfume smell like?

main accords Victoria’s Secret Angel fragrance freshness and sultry warmth with succulent notes of sparkling plum, sheer violet, garednia and amber accented with a touch of pink pepper, musk and agarwood (oud) – a luxurious ingredient known as “Fragrance Gold.” It is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women.

What is the most expensive Victoria Secret perfume?

Secret Bombshell Diamonds Edp
There are 2 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes available for more than Rs. 32,729. The highest priced product is Dream Angels Divine Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml/2.5oz available at Rs….Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Price list in India (August 2020)

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Diamonds Edp 50ml Rs.26,082

How much is Victoria’s Secret Angel gold?


Was: $45.00 Details
Price: $39.99 ($23.52 / Fl Oz)
You Save: $5.01 (11%)

How does pure seduction smell like?

Pure seduction is apparently one of the best-selling VS body mists out there. It got a sweet fruity fragrance. Strongly smells like raspberry with a hint of spice in it which makes it truly “seductive”. The scent is really sweet and playful that lasts up to 5 – 6 hours.

What is the most popular Victoria Secret fragrance?

Bombshell is the top-selling Victoria’s Secret scent, and for good reason. The fruity-floral is a blend of citrus, Brazilian purple passion fruit, Madagascan vanilla orchid, and Italian pine, resulting in a bright, confident, sunshine-y fragrance.

What is the most popular scent at Victoria Secret?

Bombshell. Bombshell is the number-one top-selling fragrance at Victoria’s Secret and the only one with a bottle that directly references the iconic pink-striped bag.

  • Tease. We’ve smelled this before, but that’s not altogether a bad thing.
  • Tease Rebel.
  • Crush.
  • Very Sexy.
  • Love.
  • Love Star.
  • Heavenly.
  • Which Victoria Secret spray smells the best?

    Top 10 Victoria Secret Body Mists Ranked by Average Rating

    Name Our Rating
    1 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist 9.9
    2 Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Blush Fragrance Mist 9.7
    3 Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, Coconut Passion 9.6
    4 Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Amber Romance 9.4

    What does Victoria’s Secret bombshell gold smell like?

    Bombshell Gold by Victoria’s Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The nose behind this fragrance is Gil Clavien. Top note is Litchi; middle notes are Vanilla and Peony; base notes are Woody Notes and Sugar.

    What is the best scent of Victoria’s Secret?

    • Best Overall: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell.
    • Best Fresh Gourmand: Victoria’s Secret Tease.
    • Best Everyday: Victoria’s Secret Love.
    • Best Sweet: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly.
    • Best Fruity: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy.
    • Best Gourmand: Victoria’s Secret Tease Crème Cloud.
    • Best Woody Floral: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Passion.

    What’s the nicest Victoria Secret Spray?

    The 5 Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mists, Ranked

    1. Bombshell. There’s a reason Bombshell continues to be one of the best-selling mists in the world.
    2. Coconut Passion. Vanilla and coconut make this perfume a delicious and warm concoction that smells good enough to eat.
    3. Very Sexy.
    4. Love.
    5. Pure Seduction.